Friday 30 November 2018


POWERFUL hailstorm and heavy winds swept across Magamba Training Centre on Monday causing a trail of destruction that saw property worth $21 000 being destroyed.

The hailstorm also ravaged tobacco crops worth over $US6 000 and ruptured roofs at three boys’ hostels, administration offices and tobacco barns.

The centre’s accountant Mr Amos Kazambara, said the hailstorm affected more than 100 students whose hostels and classroom roofs were blown off.

“More than 100 students were left in the open after their three hostels were ravaged by the hailstorm. We are still assessing to establish the exact level of damage. We are saddened by the loss of property. Fortunately no one was injured during the process,” he said.

When The Manica Post visited the scene on Wednesday, it was noted that three workshop buildings as well as administration offices ceilings were destroyed. 

“The situation is very bad at the campus where three administration offices are left with cracks, three workshop buildings which include a welding workshop, building workshop, two classrooms and hostels had their roofs blown-off during the heavy hailstorm,” said Mr Kazambara.

About 120 asbestos sheets were blown off from the buildings’ rooftops. Last November, a hailstorm also ravaged the green house and two classrooms at the institution.

He indicated that the hailstorm damaged two hectors of tobacco crops valued at US$6 000 as well as the tobacco barn roofs. It also uprooted trees at the campus as well as two electric poles which fell resulting in power cut at the campus.

“Quantification of the actual magnitude of damage caused by the hailstorm is underway,” he added.

Mr Kazambara said while the rainstorm was yet to cause human casualties in the area, students should exercise extreme caution since the rain storms are likely to recur. Manica Post


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