Tuesday 20 November 2018


 First Lady Auxillia Mnangagwa yesterday encouraged nurses and doctors at health institutions to care for the sick and have a positive attitude towards patients.

She was speaking after visiting Parirenyatwa Group of Hospitals following complaints that some nurses were being rude to patients, with those working in Ward C5 being singled out.

The First Lady was accompanied by Health and Child Care Minister Dr Obadiah Moyo. A complaint was sent by affected patients to the First Lady through social media.

Part of the letter, which is in vernacular reads: “Madoctors anosiya ati munhu ayendeswe kuX-ray chaiko, but anoita 2-3 days asina kuendeswa and you remind them wotonzi tirikuziva zvatiri kuita. Mama trust me, patients in C5 vamwe vari kufa due to being neglected nema nurse aya. Mushonga tinotengeswa injection but munhu anouya opa munhu piritsi, patient request for blanket kuti akutonhorwa zvonzi mirirayi vanoita round recleaning.

“Unotukirwa patient kunge uchachema, chembere dzinoitwa maECD kuWard C5. These 2 nurses T. Matemwa and V.S. Sanyika vanenge vakagara zvavo vachiita nyaya nechirungu kunge malawyer, kuva bvunza chinhu chaicho vanonyenama nekupindura nyobvo. Mama huyayi kana paVisiting muzvionere mega.”

The First Lady said nurses and doctors had a calling from God to look after the sick and, therefore, should not depart from their calling.

She said patients were protected by the patient charter and caregivers had to respect it.

The First Lady demanded a written explanation from the hospital on what transpired and the corrective measures taken by the hospital to stop the negative attitude towards patients.

“My message to all hospitals is that it is unacceptable to have a negative attitude towards patients,” she said.

“Nurses were chosen by God to serve people. We may have hardships, but we should continue doing well since you are chosen to serve. All hospitals should take heed. I look forward to an improved attitude.

“Kumanurse ndiko kwatinoponera. Ndapota zvangu izvi musazviita. Nurses should wear smiles, should be cheerful and this will cheer up patients. We respect nurses and doctors and we rely on them. They should have a good attitude. I appreciate your work, but continue to do well. We should have love and look after our patients.”

Dr Moyo said there was need for the nurses to improve their attitude towards patients.

“We have a situation here where we have to make many corrections with regards to patients’ management and the general well-being of patients within our institutions,” he said.

“This is a typical lesson and it’s actually part of our situational analysis.

“The situation at the moment is not conducive, but the moment we have a client coming in our wards, they have to be looked after with great respect. That personal touch makes a big difference. We do not want a situation where we are rough to our patients or start selling medicines to our patients instead of giving them the prescribed medicines.”

Provincial nursing officer at the hospital Dr Lillian Dodzo assured the First Lady that investigations were in progress.

She said the hospital was also carrying out training on customer care and public relations to improve service delivery by nurses. Herald


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