Sunday 25 November 2018


Anyone harbouring Presidential ambitions should sit back, relax and leave the ruling party and State President to mend the economy without disturbances, Vice-President Dr Constantino Chiwenga has said.

Introducing President Emmerson Mnangagwa to thousands of Zanu-PF supporters at a Thank You rally at Murombedzi Growth Point in Zvimba yesterday, VP Chiwenga said it was folly for anyone to think the Head of State and Government was leaving his post anytime soon. He said focus should be on economic development.

The rally coincided with the first anniversary of President Mnangagwa’s ascendancy to the Presidency, and was organised to thank the people of Mashonaland West for voting backing Zanu-PF and its Presidential candidate in the July 2018 harmonised elections.

VP Chiwenga said, “In all the coming elections, no one is going to remove Shumba Murambwi (President Mnangagwa). We are here until he feels it is the time to go and when we have fully restored our country to its former glory and when everything is in order.  No one must dream of being the President. We want our country to prosper and it is time to move the country forward. It’s no longer time for bickering and politics. From here going forward, we are now talking of politics of development, of building the country and moving the country forward,” said VP Chiwenga.

The VP added: “Politics of child’s play will not help us in any way. Shumba Murambwi is there to stay because he is an anointed one from the King. Never ever dream that after so and so years it will be your time, there is no vacancy, there is nowhere to get in.  Listen and listen very carefully. To those who were howling in these last days, keep quiet and keep quiet forever. We want to build a strong Zimbabwe that can move forward. There is nothing he has done wrong, the son from the Shumba clan,” he said. 

President Mnangagwa, VP Chiwenga said, was a God-fearing man. He said despite many challenges, the President never betrayed the struggle and never sought revenge. VP Chiwenga urged Zimbabweans to unite in support of President Mnangagwa’s vision for development.  The VP said it was no coincidence that the first Thank You rally was in Mashonaland West, where the Second Chimurenga for Zimbabwe’s Independence started in Chinhoyi in 1966.

“So today on the 24th of November, he (President Mnangagwa) is here in Murombedzi to thank you firstly VaZvimba and your family for voting resoundingly for Zanu-PF. You voted for our President overwhelmingly here . . . Here in Zvimba President Mnangagwa garnered 55 000 votes and this unsettled little bishop (opposition leader Mr Nelson Chamisa) who got 26 000 votes.”

Speaking at the same occasion, Zanu-PF National Chair, Cde Oppah Muchinguri-Kashiri, who is the Defence and War Veterans Affairs Minister, said the professionalism of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces in last year’s Operation Restore Legacy was exemplary. Prior to President Mnangagwa’s speech, Cde Muchunguri-Kashiri said through Operation Restore Legacy, the military had upheld its constitutional duty of protecting Zimbabwe and its citizens. Cde Muchinguri-Kashiri also applauded Vice-President Dr Chiwenga for his role during and after the liberation struggle.

“During the liberation struggle, he led sons and daughters from this area (Mashonaland West) and around Zimbabwe, guiding them. After Independence, he climbed up the ladder until he attained the rank of Commander Defence Forces, a post he held until November last year. In November last year, after the country had been captured, he resolved to retain the sovereignty of the country in a peaceful manner, where there was no bloodshed; the most peaceful takeover by professional and disciplined soldiers. Soon after Operation Restore Legacy, countries such as South Africa emulated our peaceful transitional process.” Sunday Mail


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