Sunday 25 November 2018


A POLICE officer allegedly lost an AK 47 rifle during a drinking spree at a night spot with prostitutes and illegal gold panners while on duty.

The cop, identified only as Constable Tarwirei allegedly reported for duty at Chivi Tollgate, Chivi District in Masvingo Province on Friday at around 10PM.

Sources close to the investigations said that sometime during the night he sneaked from his post and went to a drinking spot near Chivi turn-off where he started drinking beer.
Cst Tarwirei, the source said, had an AK 47 rifle that was fully charged with a magazine of 30 rounds and was wearing a police uniform.

Sources said he drank beer with unknown illegal gold panners until the wee hours of the morning.
It is suspected the panners drugged him and made away with the gun.

“At about 3AM he approached a prostitute for a quickie but she turned him down. Cst Tarwirei was visibly drunk and some unknown people who are suspected to be amakorokoza continued to ply him with beer,” said the source.

The source said patrons at the night spot later told investigators that the unknown people bought beer which Cst Tarwirei guzzled but surprisingly, they were not drinking. “The prostitute that Cst Tarwirei had earlier tried to bed, said she joined the group. She said she had a couple of sips of the beer the constable was drinking and found it strange. She said she immediately felt dizzy and left the group,” said the source.

Another source said in the morning at around 5AM, Cst Tarwirei discovered that his rifle was missing and the men who were buying him alcohol were nowhere to be seen.

“He was dead drunk and had fallen asleep at the bar. He looked for his rifle. He asked people who were around but they knew nothing. The men who were buying him alcohol had disappeared,” said the source.

The source said when the gravity of the situation hit Cst Tarwirei, he seemed to sober up.
“He made a report at Chivi Turn-off Police Station. I suspect he started drinking again to drown his sorrows because when his superiors arrived hours later, he appeared dead drunk and could hardly speak,” said the source.

National police spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Mr Paul Nyathi yesterday declined to comment on the issue saying he was yet to receive a report.

“I’m not aware of such an issue, as it is I’m not at work. I can only get hold of this information once I reach office that is probably tomorrow. Now l can’t give out any comment,” he said. Chronicle 


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