Thursday 8 November 2018


MDC president Nelson Chamisa, has rubbished accusations that he is a dictator, saying he is only out to protect his party from Zanu PF’s bid to overtake MDC party mayors.

Chamisa recently axed mayors in Victoria Falls, Chitungwiza, Masvingo and Bulawayo barely weeks after they assumed power, a move some say show the MDC leader’s dictatorial tendencies.

“Many people are saying Chamisa is a dictator; he is this and that, what have I done. I’m not a dictator, I am not confused either and I am such a sweet guy who deserves all the good things.
“Some people are saying I am tribal but I figure that only weak people hide behind tribe, race colour, class and all that.”

He added that some are saying he refused devolution, when in actual fact he is a champion for devolution. On the issue of MDC mayors, he said Zanu PF connived with certain people to bribe their councillors because it has no councillors.

“They have turned some of our mayors and councillors to be theirs,” he said. “A prospective mayor who is a councillor has to apply to be considered, they go through interviews and panels and we are given recommendations.

“The process is simple but I see there is a lot of confusion and I do not know where it’s coming from.”

Meanwhile, the MDC has vowed to go ahead with its planned demonstration despite recent government warnings against such actions.

MDC organising secretary Amos Chibaya told the Daily News it is the democratic right for every disgruntled citizen to protest and nothing will stop them in their quest to express their displeasure.
He rubbished recent statements by Home Affairs minister Cain Mathema who told State media on Tuesday that the police were on high alert following his pronouncements over the weekend (while addressing his supporters in Beitbridge) that his party will soon be embarking on demonstrations to force government to take note of suffering Zimbabweans’ pleas.

Chibaya described it as total madness. “In this country nobody is above the law. The Constitution is the supreme law of the land. It’s the democratic right for each and every disgruntled person to demonstrate. It’s not as if we are going to engage in a violent process, we are going to engage in a peaceful way.

“These threats are meant to intimidate the people when we call for the demonstrations, but Zimbabweans are intelligent, they know their rights. The demonstrations are definitely going ahead as planned.”

He said they will this week give an update on the actual date and how they are going to conduct the demonstration.

“We will do everything that is required in terms of the law, we are not going to fight the police. The Supreme Court ruled that the police have no power to deny people the right to demonstrate. The law says, you simply notify the police,” he said.

He also said the MDC is now seeking donations to fund campaigns for the upcoming Mutoko North by-election.

Chibaya said: “Our supporters know how to help the party and we are looking to our supporters to fund the struggle in Mutoko North.

Zanu PF has taken all national resources to fund their programmes. The State of the economy is not good but Zanu PF has all the resources to use. The playing ground is not level they are still abusing State media.”

The party has launched an EcoCash platform in order to get donations from supporters. Daily News


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