Sunday 11 November 2018


Attempts by the government to trivialise the attack on President Nelson Chamisa is not just mischievous but totally unacceptable.

Clearly something is not right, and for government to dismiss the claims without even calling for an investigation is worrying.

The six vehicles trailing the President had blue siren lights, communication gadgets and they were armed. The President's convoy was in the neighbourhoods of Mabvuku as a security protocol to determine whether they were being followed or not.

That the President has been trailed since before the stolen election is not a secret. Police reports have been made and no action has been taken. Furthermore, the failed Zanu PF government and its proxies has not just threatened the people's President, but has increased a clampdown on our leaders across the nation.

On their way from Marondera, the team realized that they were being tailed and decided to turn into Mabvuku towards the police station.

Apparently, one of the cars stopped to block the convoy, grabbed the President's driver upon which President Chamisa walked over to their car asking what they wanted.

At that moment, the Toyota Harrier was blocked by another car in the President's convoy before they managed to escape, taking off with the President's driver.

The security team pursued the armed men but abandoned the chase when the President's driver jumped out of that moving vehicle injuring his arm.

They reported the matter at Mabvuku police station. Tomorrow, we will give a detailed report on the incidences we have mentioned.

Jacob Mafume
MDC National Spokesperson


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