Friday 14 September 2018


ZESA has bowed to customer pressure and reduced its minimum EcoCash prepaid electricity token from $10 to $5 following widespread protests against the sudden increase it effected last week.

Then, the power utility’s public relations manager Mr Fullard Gwasira announced that the increase was due to the system challenges faced due to numerous transactions.

Hundreds of people on Twitter called for Government intervention while residents associations slammed Zesa and Econet for being unfair to customers, most of whom they said were already struggling to buy tokens for $5.

In a statement yesterday, Mr Gwasira said the increase to $10 had been temporary and the company is working to improve the situation.

“ZETDC is pleased to inform customers that in line with our earlier undertaking to customers to review the temporary minimum $10 per transaction as the situation improves, the minimum purchase on the EcoCash platform has been reduced from $10 per transaction to $5 per transaction with effect from Wednesday 12 of September 2018,’’ he said.

Mr Gwasira said there is an improvement in the performance of the EcoCash Vending platform and they are working towards going back to the minimum $2 per transaction which customers were used to.

“The situation is constantly being reviewed and the EcoCash platform will be able to transact a minimum of $2 per transaction when the purchased servers are fully installed and operational.
“The minimum purchase of $2 is still available on other vending channels and clients can still use these channels to purchase tokens for $2,’’ he said. Herald


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