Saturday 1 September 2018


The Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission has established a special Economy and Trade unit to investigate on fraud, tax violations and economic sabotage in the public and private sectors.

The team comprises 10 lawyers, auditors, accountants and investigators.
One of the cases under investigation by the special investigating unit involves Sports and Recreation Commission chair Mr Edward Siwela and acting director-general Mr Joseph Muchechetere, who are accused of abuse of office and hiking board fees without approval.

ZACC commissioner in charge of investigations Mr Goodson Nguni confirmed to The Sunday Mail yesterday that Messrs Muchechetere and Siwela were under probe.

Former SRC director-general Mr Charles Nhemachena is accused of prejudicing the commission of $60 000 through an unsanctioned salary increment.
Mr Nhemachena retired from the SRC in 2016.

“Thousands of dollars could not be accounted for after collection of gatetakings from international (sports) matches. We want to establish why the money wasn’t banked. The investigation is complete,” said Mr Nguni.

“The SRC hasn’t audited its accounts related to millions of dollars, which were donated by Norway under the Community Sports Development Programme. Investigators are going through the documents as some of the funds could have been abused.”
The special team is also following up on people and firms who ignored President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s amnesty to currency externalisers.

Of $1,4 billion that was externalised, $591,1 million was recovered and $826,5 is outstanding. In addition, investigators are trailing directors of failed banks such as Interfin, Royal, Renaissance and AfrAsia amid allegations that some top bankers gave themselves unsecured loans and squandered depositors’ money.

Wholesalers, retailers, fuel traders and fast-food outlets that are not banking cash are also under the microscope.
“We are not going to sit and watch as criminals are sabotaging the economy. Those who will be found on the wrong side of the law will be arrested,” said Mr Nguni.

“ZACC wishes to thank the Government led by President Mnangagwa for supporting the organisation in the fight against corruption. We are now opening provincial offices and hiring more staff. This will make our work easy.” Sunday Mail 


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