Sunday 9 September 2018


A woman claiming to be Joram Gumbo’s “baby mama” landed Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (Zimra) officials in hot water after she called in the new Energy minister to resolve an excise duty dispute on her consignment.

The minister’s “baby mama” Eristina Muneyi Gumbo appeared in court on Friday to testify against two Zimra officials Tendai Hombiro, 36, and Moses Nyango, 36, attached to Robert Gabriel Mugabe International Airport, who had attempted to have her pay more than the required duty for her consignment.

The Zimra officials had attempted to have her pay an extra $1 447,26, prompting her to call her “hubby” to the airport.

“I called the minister of Transport and he told me to wait there and later arrived. The man I had given money to clear my consignment on my behalf (Ronnie) began running around to replace my money but did not manage to give me back the full payment,” Eristina said.

According to the two officers’ boss, Zimra station manager Winfield Chiyangwa, who was on duty at the airport that day, she was advised of the minister’s arrival and found him already seated in her office to discuss the contentious issue.

“The witness advised me that Gumbo was coming and gave the phone to speak to him. He said he had arrived at the airport and when I went to National Handling Services offices, he was already seated in my office with NHS managing director,” Chiyangwa said.

“Gumbo told me that he was there to check on clearance of goods imported by his wife, Eristina.”
During trial, the prosecutor, Nancy Chandakaona queried why Eristina had rushed to rope in Gumbo, further inquiring about their relationship. Gumbo is officially married to another woman he lives with in his Mberengwa West constituency.

Eristina responded that she had sired children with the minister.
The case continues on September 11 before regional magistrate Hosea Mujaya.
The complainant in the case is Chiyangwa, the Zimra boss.

It is the State’s case that on May 16, Loice Chakanyuka presented an airway bill and declaration form to Hombiro and Nyango who were stationed at Harare Airfreight National Handling Services.

Hombiro and Nyango carried out a physical examination on a consignment from China in the presence of Chakanyuka and Shupikai Mutembo.

An assessment of duty was made and Hombiro set the duty at $489 and the consignment cleared which comprised pants weighing 80kg was valued at $150 while headphones were valued at $150.

Hombiro and Nyango, who are public officers in the exercise of their duties and functions, allegedly intentionally omitted to weigh the consignment as per Zimra norm.

They reportedly undercharged the duty and paid only $489 instead of paying total Zimra duty of $1 936,26.

The anomaly was discovered by Eristina, who raised the alarm to her minister ‘‘hubby’’ and he informed Zimra management and ordered them to resolve the matter.

A second physical examination was then carried out on the consignment and it was discovered that her pants consignment weighed 98kg, 92 children’s dresses, baby vests weighing 32,5 kg, 15 packs of earphones, 100 OT cables, 37 headphones, five cables, bluetooth headsets, 72 pairs of baby shoes, three phone covers and eight cable lights.

It was established that the consignment should have paid duty of $1 447, 26 and Gumbo was asked to pay for it.

 Zimra recovered the duty money it had been deprived by Hombiro and Nyango, prejudicing Eristina. Daily News


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