Saturday 1 September 2018


A BULAWAYO man pleaded with a magistrate to jail his 16-year-old son for allegedly stealing property worth $1 000.

The accused’s father told Bulawayo magistrate Ms Sithembiso Ndlovu that he would prefer to see his son behind bars because of his habit of stealing from home. The juvenile appeared in court facing a theft charge.

He was not asked to plead and was remanded out of custody on free bail to September 3.

“I’ve had enough of this boy. I would rather have you jail him. He has stolen a lot of property from me and our neighbours, where I am staying; they don’t want to see him.

“For a long time he has got away with it. He has to be taught a lesson so please send him to prison,” said the accused’s father. The magistrate said the boy could not be sent to prison.

“We cannot imprison him because he is a juvenile, he has a right to a lawyer which the State will provide,” said the magistrate. The boy’s father persisted with his plea.

“All I want is for him to be punished. He has to feel pain please,” he begged.
Ms Ndlovu told the father that they will deal with all that when the lawyer has attended to both of them as there is a process to go through first.

The court heard that the accused person stole money and a cellphone from the complainant.
Total value of stolen property is $1 000 and nothing was recovered. Chronicle


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