Wednesday 12 September 2018


A BULAWAYO man allegedly paid two bouncers $2 000 to assault his wife’s suspected lover in a love triangle that has sucked in a city businessman who was beaten up by the duo.

Nkululeko Masuku allegedly hired the bouncers to beat up Mr Elias Zozolex Mweneziko who features in some photos involving Masuku’s wife named as Dudu. It is alleged that in July, Dudu and Mr Mwezeziko’s girlfriend only identified as Ms Hazvinei, both employees of a mobile communication company, travelled to Victoria Falls on work commitments and tagged along their respective lovers Mr Archford Chonzi and Mr Mweneziko.

The lovers allegedly took pictures enjoying themselves in Victoria Falls. Later, Masuku reportedly retrieved the pictures from his wife’s Icloud account. After learning of the “illicit affair”, Masuku allegedly hired the two bouncers to deal with his wife’s lover.

A 47-second video of Mr Mweneziko being assaulted by the bouncers for “his role in the scandal” has gone viral on social media and on Monday he visited Chronicle to clarify the case.

He said the incident occurred on September 2 at a local bar as he was interrogated while being assaulted for more than 35 minutes.

Mr Mweneziko said his assault happened in the presence of Masuku who was recording the footage.

“The reason why I was being assaulted is that Masuku said I knew his wife yet I allowed Chonzi to go out with her to Victoria Falls. He wanted me to reveal whether his wife had sex with her boyfriend but I couldn’t reveal that as I didn’t know,” he said.

“He wanted to know why I was in photos involving his wife, but I told him I was with my girlfriend who works with his wife. He already knew because he had seen me coming to pick my girlfriend while he was picking his wife at their work place. He said I knew that he had a child with his wife yet I allowed her to have a boyfriend. But it was not for me to tell his wife what to do and what not to.

“They assaulted me for almost 35 minutes but Masuku only shot a 47-second video which he widely circulated on social media. Because I knew one of the bouncers, when Masuku exited the room where they were beating me from, I asked him why they were doing it and he said they were paid $2 000 for it. But I had no links to Chonzi.”

He said on the following day, Masuku located Mr Chonzi who runs a bar in the city and the bouncers severely assaulted him that he had to be stitched on the mouth at a local surgery.
Mr Mweneziko said he filed a report on his assault to the police.

“But Masuku has been trying to persuade me to drop the charges promising me $5 000 as compensation. Chonzi has also reported the case. I can’t drop this matter. It has affected me in my business. I run a successful car sales. My clients will end up not trusting me,” said Mr Mweneziko.

Contacted for comment, Masuku denied knowledge of the case.
However, one of the bouncers confirmed that Masuku hired them. Chronicle


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