Monday 3 September 2018


 Bindura University of Science Education (BUSE) has warned the public not to engage two of its former staffers whom it accused of masquerading as the institution’s employees.

According to a notice issued yesterday, BUSE terminated contracts for Macleans Mzumara and Prosper Munyedza and no longer has anything to do with them.

“This notice serves to inform the general public and university stakeholders that Mzumara and Munyedza are no longer in the employment of Bindura University of Science Education as their employment contracts were lawfully terminated on disciplinary grounds,” BUSE said is a statement.

“…the university has established that the two former employees are making numerous correspondences and communications besmirching the university council and staff, falsely misrepresenting their employment status.”

BUSE said it would not be accountable for any losses people may incur after falling for Mzumara and Munyedza’s misrepresentations.

“They do not have any legal status, capacity or standing whatsoever to communicate on the business of the university. The University does not accept any responsibility or liability whatsoever occasioned by any loss or damage arising from misrepresentations made by the duo.”


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