Tuesday 4 September 2018


President Emmerson Mnangagwa, has pledged to create billionaires as he opens the country to foreign investors and build bridges with former hostile countries.

Mnangagwa, who was sworn in on Sunday, is desperate to revive the country’s economy that is in a state of disrepair after years of neglect by the Zanu PF government.

However, introducing a new ethic in government, Mnangagwa says he would like to see young people in the country creating synergies with foreign investors and attracting foreign direct investment.

Speaking during the launch of the surveillance security products by a Chinese company Hikvision last week, Mnangagwa said the country should embrace technology to enable it to achieve middle-income status by 2018.

The Chinese company partnered a local hardware and electrical appliance supplier Nations Hardware and Electrical to supply its products not only in Zimbabwe but on the African continent.

“My government will continue to create an environment where capital feels safe and business can thrive and create jobs for our people and an improved standard of life for all.

“Nations Hardware and Electrical spelt out its strategy as “Kaizen”, meaning continuous improvement, which is the company’s thrust towards continuous enhancement and expansion for the 
ultimate benefit of economic growth.

“I also challenge you in the long run to seek avenues to further our innovations, leveraging on my Government’s thrust and drive as espoused in the incubation and innovation framework.

“I would like a Zimbabwe where those who are imaginative and are capable to become billionaires, our quest to modernise the economy requires those high-level technology equipment,” said 

Speaking at the same function, Nations Hardware and Electrical senior manager Islam Jogee said the aim of the rapid growing company is to attract foreign direct investment as well as create jobs.

“We have our association with our partner demonstrating foreign direct investment at play, Zimbabwe is indeed open for business, we are ready have always been ready to do business with you,” said Jogee.

He said the aim of the company is to offer artificial intelligence that can be used both by government and private players.

Jogee described the company as the toolbox of Zimbabwe, aiming not only at creating employment but also attracting Zimbabweans who are now living in the Diaspora.

“We must work together, business, government and the people of Zimbabwe. We are blessed and endowed with beautiful weather, beautiful people and intelligent people, let’s work together, let’s be passionate in what we do, let’s us grow our country and let us be passionate in what we do, let us grow our country, we would like to make Zimbabwe work again,” said Jogee.

In his inauguration speech, Mnangagwa vowed to put the economy first and make Zimbabwe, that has currently has no currency of its own, stable and competitive again. Daily News


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