Saturday 11 August 2018


POLICE Commissioner General, Godwin Matanga, has warned that all officers who don’t report for duty starting from Wednesday next week will be summarily dismissed.

“I would like to take this moment to warn that all those who don’t turn up for duty from Wednesday next week will be fired on the spot. Proper procedures or paper work for their dismissal will follow later but they will have been dismissed,” he said.

He said this at Morris Depot while conferring ranks to newly promoted senior officers. President Mnangagwa recently promoted 660 police officers to ranks between inspector and Deputy Commissioner General in terms of Section 14 (1) (b) of the Police Act.

Among those promoted was Senior Assistant Commissioner Stephen Mutamba who is now the Deputy Commissioner General.

Prior to his appointment, Deputy Commissioner General Mutamba was the head of Criminal Investigations Department and he will now be the Deputy Commissioner General Crime.
Eight senior officers were also promoted to the rank of senior assistant commissioner from the rank of assistant commissioner.

They are Theresa Mutabeni, Charles Nhete, Lorraine Chipato, Happymore Sigauke, Priscilla Makotose, Patton Mbangwa, Gift Hlabiso, Conneli Dube.

Snr Asst Comm Charamba said 15 more officers, including national spokesperson, Chief Superintendent Paul Nyathi, were promoted to the rank of assistant commissioner while 33 others rose to the rank of chief superintendent. Another national spokesperson, Supt Blessmore Chishaka, was promoted to the rank of chief superintendent.
A total of 71 officers were promoted to the rank of superintendent, 182 to the rank of chief inspector while 350 others to the rank of inspector.

Comm Gen Matanga, however, warned all officers that those who don’t report for duty will be fired on the spot.

He said the ZRP required officers of high calibre, strong values and effective leadership. He said the promotion exercise reflects the ZRP’s recognition of the officers’ performance and demonstrated potential.

“Let me therefore remind the newly promoted senior officers that your elevation is not a passport to settling personal scores with those below you; neither is it an opportunity to abuse authority and organisational resources for self-aggrandisement or otherwise.

“Instead, this an opportunity for you to reciprocate the trust and confidence that the organisation and Government has reposed on you by upholding the virtues of professionalism, transparency and fairness,” Comm Gen Matanga said.

He said in all policing organisations the world over, senior officers were expected to serve their governments with unquestionable patriotism and loyalty.
He said they must uphold the country’s constitution without fear or favour and remain loyal to the people and the ZRP. Chronicle


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