Friday 10 August 2018


A 25-year-old woman from Sadza in Chikomba who had many boyfriends killed her newly born because she could not tell who the biological father was.

Dadirai Choga of Bango Village in Chief Neshangwe's area told the court that she abandoned her baby because she had numerous sexual partners so she did not know who the father was.

 "I have numerous sexual partners but I  knew I could not afford to raise the baby that is why I abandoned her to death," she told the court.

Magistrate Henry Sande sentenced Choga to 15 months in jail and suspended four months on condition that she does not commit the same offence in the next five years. The remaining 11 months were wholly suspended on condition that she performs 485 hours of community service at Mushipe Clinic.

It was the State case that on June 27 2018 in the early hours of the morning, Choga gave birth to a baby girl at her homestead.

She then covered her baby with newspapers and took her to a nearby anthill, where she abandoned her.

Around midmorning, a passer-by discovered the already dead infant and notified the Police. Choga, who was known to be the only heavily pregnant woman in the village, was investigated, leading to her arrest.

George Mukototsi prosecuted. Masvingo mirror


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