Thursday 23 August 2018


The United States yesterday issued a travel warning to its citizens in the wake of tensions fomented by the hotly-disputed election, whose aftermath was marred by violent clashes that led to the death of atleast six people.

In a travel warning, the US, which has courted the wrath of Zanu PF after it renewed sanctions on Zimbabwe notwithstanding cosmetic reforms put in place by President Emmerson Mnangagwa, said its citizens should exercise caution when visiting the country.

“Zimbabwe is experiencing civil unrest, violence, and heightened political tension following the general elections held on July 30, 2018.

“The security situation remains volatile. On August 22, the Constitutional Court will begin hearing the election challenge filed by Movement for Democratic Change (MDC),” reads the travel warning issued by the US State Department.

This came after angry protesters ran amok in Harare’s central business district on August 1, destroying property worth thousands of dollars.

To contain the demonstrators, police called for backup from the military who used live ammunition to disperse the protestors, resulting in the death of at least six people.
Mnangagwa and his government have refused to take responsibility for the deaths, blaming the MDC Alliance leadership for inciting their supporters to riot.

Since the killings that shocked the world, tension has been rising in Zimbabwe with soldiers and the police maintaining a heavy presence on the streets, apparently in anticipation of more riots.

In its warning, Washington said its citizens should have a well-structured escape plan in the event that the situation tips over.

“Stay away from this area and the commercial business district, avoid demonstrations and all public gatherings, exercise increased caution, have extra food, water and medication on hand, establish a communication plan with your friends and family so they know when to expect to hear from vigilant and take steps to enhance your personal security; and remain alert for potentially dangerous situations,” reads the red warning. Daily News


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