Sunday 19 August 2018


Easy come easy go is the bitter lesson that United Kingdom-based businesswoman Olinda Chapel could be learning right now after her musician husband Njabulo Nkomo aka Tytan’s wooing escapades with another woman emerged on Friday.

As expected Chapel went on Facebook streaming a live video, which disappeared at midday yesterday along with the account Olinda Chapel-Nkomo, albeit to defend the Bho singer while watering down claims by Tallyn Ndudzo, under the username Tadzo TN TN.

The mother of two, who not-so-long ago shot to fame following an acrimonious split with rapper Stunner, went as far as promising a $10 000 reward if evidence of Tytan’s antics was provided, but this backfired after Tallyn released the infamous “V11 forms” in a series of chat screenshots.

“She [Olinda] asked for V11s on Facebook, so I released them to clear my name, which she had smeared on a live video,” Tallyn, who is said to be a care worker in the UK, told one Melly Mamoyo in another live video yesterday.

According to her, Tytan’s sly messages in which he professed infatuation towards her prompted her to save the conversations as backup evidence to use at a time things would go south.

“I thought he was trapping me, that is why I recorded him and I asked him why instead of my pictures he does not use his wife’s images to masturbate and he said she is not attractive enough,” she said.

By midday yesterday, Chapel’s silence on social media was deafening while her other half had posted a statement and live video which he later deleted.

“First of all I want to apologise to my wife for having an inappropriate conversation with another woman regardless of the context presented. My ego was played on and I fell into that trap, that was disrespectful,” read part of Tytan’s deleted statement.

“Secondly, this is to clear up all this noise, but all you should be seeing from me is my work. I do not entertain such matters at all as you have always known.

“I don’t know about her exact intentions here, but I’m not that type of entertainer. You can be entertained all you like, but this is real life.”

The development, which appears to debunk the fairytale “tylinda” affair, comes less than two months after the two tied the knot at a private function in the capital.

Meanwhile, dancehall musician Jay C, who is believed to be Tallyn’s boyfriend, distanced himself from the love scandal through a Facebook post.

“Titan, Tallyn naOlinda pliz [sic] kana muchinetsana netsai ikoko bt pliz [sic] musaise zita rangu pasocial media [Tytan, Tallyn and Olinda do not drag my name into your wars on social media],” Jay C wrote.

If the scandal scuttles the marriage, which is still in its infancy, then perhaps Olinda needs to stay away from celebrities as well as find a more mature partner when she decides to settle. Standard


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