Friday 17 August 2018


AN 86-year-old Gwanda village head has dragged his son and brother-in-law to court after accusing them of defrauding him of $5 900 they got from the sale of his house.

Ms Mitchel Chigova of TJ Mabhikwa and Partners told the court that her client Mr Peter Ndebele from Lushunge Village was accompanied by his son Patrick Ndebele and brother-in-law Alex Nyathi to sell his house in New Magwegwe Suburb in Bulawayo.

She said Patrick and Nyathi collected the payment on his behalf and gave the old man $3 080 and were refusing to give him the balance amounting to $5 920.

“Sometime in 2016 the two respondents who are his son and brother-in-law accompanied my client to Bulawayo to sell his house in New Magwegwe. He couldn’t go alone as he is disabled and uses a wheelchair and has difficulties in speech.

“They assisted him to look for a buyer who agreed to buy the house for $9 000 and they agreed that he would pay for the house on a later day. My client then asked the respondents to collect the money on his behalf as travelling was a challenge for him. When they returned they gave him $3 080 and refused to give him the remaining $5 920. My client has been trying to claim his money from the respondents but they are not co-operating which has forced him to bring the matter before the court,” she said.

Ms Chigova begged the court to order the old man’s son and brother-in-law to pay him back his money as it was rightfully his.

She said her client, due to old age, did not deserve the treatment that he was receiving from his son and brother-in-law.
In response, Patrick said the house which was sold belonged to him and not his father as his late mother had left it to him. He said he had given his father part of the money because he was his parent and had seen it fit to give him some money to sustain himself.

The old man’s brother-in-law Nyathi said he also knew that the house belonged to Patrick and he only assisted him in administering the sale.

Gwanda magistrate, Mr Obedience Matare who presided over the matter ordered the parties involved to return next week Friday for continuation of the matter.  Chronicle


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