Sunday 26 August 2018


A NURSE aide from Bulawayo has appeared in court for allegedly breaking into a bar and later stealing $180 from his ailing employer.

Nobert Phiri, on July 10, was at Mpopoma where, as a nurse aide, he was looking after Ms Beauty Ncube’s ill husband. Ms Ncube found Phiri searching in her wardrobe and he claimed he was looking for a blanket to cover the patient.

After Phiri had knocked off, Ms Ncube discovered some money was missing and she suspected Phiri.

Phiri denied the allegations before Western Commonage Magistrate Mr Lungile Ncube saying he had promised to pay back the money he had taken.

Asked why he had agreed to repay the money if he had not taken it, Phiri could not answer.
“I asked Phiri if he had taken money that was in the wardrobe and he admitted saying he would pay it back. I told him to put in writing everything that he had told me,” said Ms Ncube.
The note was produced in court. Prosecuting Ms Sibekithemba Dube told the court that for the second charge, on August 7, Phiri broke into Nyalungwe sports bar which belongs to Mr Ngonidzashe Dzikamunhenga.

Mr Dzikamunhenga knocked off leaving all the windows of his bar closed and doors locked.
At around 10PM, Phiri broke burglar bars and got in.

Some passersby heard a noise from the bar and called Mr Dzikamunhenga.
Mr Dzikamunhenga quickly rushed to the bar and found Phiri hiding in the ceiling.
Phiri was armed with a hammer, hacksaw, screw driver and a metal pipe.
Mr Dzikamunhenga handed Phiri over to the police. Chronicle


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