Tuesday 21 August 2018


The MDC notes with dismay the reckless, irresponsible and disgusting utterances by a one Victor Matemadanda at the ill-conceived press conference today at the Harare International conference centre.

We are aware of the ill-intention of the renegade grouping of these so called war veterans to intimidate the judiciary before the constitutional hearing and trial proceedings of the electoral fraud application filed by the MDC Alliance. The timing of the press conference and the vile utterances by the conveners smacks of a dirty scheme by Matemadanda and his cohorts to influence the outcome of the court and subvert the will of the people of Zimbabwe.

The MDC Alliance is not moved by such grandstanding and empty threats by an illegal grouping of charlatans bent on confusing court proceedings and shattering the dreams of the people of Zimbabwe. They do not want a fair hearing of the MDC Alliance electoral petition.

Matemadanda’s utterances are a clear affront to the independence, impartiality and integrity of the judiciary and must be condemned in the strongest terms by all progressive people of Zimbabwe.

The MDC respects the gallant heroes of the war of the liberation---both the deceased and the living--who fought for the right to universal suffrage of one man one vote which a few like Matemadanda misguidedly seek to overturn and disrespect.

As a party, we fully understand the anxiety of the nation around the upcoming Court Case where we are challenging the subversion of the will of the people by ZEC in cahoots with some rogue elements in our State institutions and we urge the people to remain resolute and steadfast on this cause.

Zimbabweans and our respected bench will not be intimidated by anyone. Zimbabweans are the masters of their own destiny.

We are our own liberators.

In the interest of our country, its people and the economy, we urge the people to be peaceful, strong and remain focused on the broader agenda of charting a new beginning free of corruption, violence and cronyism.

The MDC reiterates its call for peace and progress in the country. We would like to encourage the outgoing President Mnangagwa to note that the ZEC-led rigging scheme has failed. It is now imperative on him to take this opportunity and act as a mature war veteran. He needs to accept defeat, concede and allow Zimbabwe to move forward.

We are unequivocal that this idea that Africa’s strongmen never want to leave power after an election must come to an end. We need a new image for our continent.

For outgoing President Mnangagwa, history will judge him harshly for being part of remnants of a few African politicians who put their personal selfish interests ahead of the greater good of the nation. He must take this opportunity to negotiate a respectable exit and leave peacefully. An unnecessary and protracted battle will not benefit Zanu PF let alone the entire nation in the medium to long term.

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