Friday 17 August 2018


The Zimunya community is failing to come to terms with a shocking incident in which a married villager forced herself on a 12-year-old nephew whom she bedded on countless times in the presence of her five-year-old step daughter.

While her husband was away from home on duty, Victoria Nzira — who has since been arrested and dragged before the courts — allegedly abused the teenager whom she literally turned into a sex slave.

Elders in the community are now battling to rehabilitate the teenager who is failing to blend in with children of his age as he is now exhibiting aggressive behaviour laden with sexual overtones.

Nzira’s husband was at loss of words to explain his wife’s actions.

She appeared before Mutare magistrate Mr Tendai Mahwe facing aggravated indecent assault charges. She was told to apply for bail at the High Court and will be back in court on August 21 for routine remand.

Mr Fletcher Karombe prosecuted.

Allegations were that on an unknown date but sometime in May, June and July this year, the suspect summoned her twelve-year-old nephew into her house where she removed his pants and made him masturbate  in full view of her five-year-old step-daughter.

It was further alleged that Nzira lay down on the sofa and put the naked juvenile on top of her, romanced him and had sexual intercourse with him once while the five-year-old watched. She is alleged to have threatened to kill the minors if they disclosed the matter to anyone. On two other occasions, she also allegedly summoned the boy to her bedroom in the presence of her step-daughter. Using the same modus operandi, she became intimate with him while the other minor watched.

The matter came to light after the teenager told his uncle, Brian Maringehosi who is married to the suspect, that he was masturbating at the river with his friends.

After thorough questioning on this weird sexual behaviour, the boy revealed the abuse he was being subjected to by the suspect.

The case shocked many and it instantly became the mainstay of public discourse in the village.

The Weekender visited the Maringehosi homestead and interviewed villagers over the matter. A sombre atmosphere ensued as neighbours were grappling to come to terms with incident.

Brian said the abuse was only discovered after Nzira ran away from her matrimonial home and went back to her parents.

“All this happened in my absence because I work away from home. I should have seen it coming but I didn’t though all the signs were there. I should have seen the signs that something was going on but I thought my wife had too much love for the children. At most times, I complimented her for the love that she had for her step-child and nephew. She was always with the children because she was afraid that if I spend too much time with them, they would tell me,” he said.

“For some time now I encountered problems with my nephew because he has been masturbating and teaching other boys in the area. When I finally cornered him after my wife ran away from home he told me everything. He was afraid to disclose the abuse because my wife had threatened to kill him if he told anyone.” Manica Post


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