Monday 6 August 2018


The message below, as much as it appears to have resonated with a lot of people on social media, was NOT authored by me or any of our APA officials.

I wish to make it clear to all that it did not come from me, and is expressed in a way I would not necessarily articulate.

If you do not see a statement on my or Alliance for the People’s Agenda - APA’s Facebook or Twitter accounts, it is probably unauthentic.

Nkosana Moyo’s statement below is very true

Never take politics too seriously. The power of politics to change lives is overstated. If the fundamentals in your own life are not correct then it doesn't matter who is the President. Work your own life and stop fighting for other people to get political Jobs.

Every Zimbabwean has to know that, the biggest beneficiaries and losers of these elections will be the politicians themselves.

You, me and every other ordinary voter will still be wearing the same clothes, sleeping on the same bed, eating the same meals and mingling with the same friendships after the polls.

As such, I would be a fool to let these elections steal away my friends and acquaintances, or destroy my social circles, or strain my professional life.

These elections may mean the end of the political careers of Joyce Mujuru, or Nelson Chamisa, or Emmerson Mnangagwa, or other politicians, but your professional career will still go on; and has to go on.

It'll be folly to hitch your future and that of your family to the wagon that's carrying your favourite politician's future.

To those who do politics; Yes, be very active and vigorous in pushing for the success of your favorite politician, but equally be mindful of the fact that it's merely politics.

It's not war; it's just a battle for support. Whoever wins these polls may not change the quality of your life to the same extent as your close friends, family and acquaintances do.

Remember ED, Chamisa, Chiwenga, Khupe, Nkosana etc are not even sworn enemies. They all know it's politics. Don't take this personally, or seriously. You'll ruin your relations for no good reason.
After all God appoints Kings and rulers of this world.


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