Wednesday 15 August 2018


A MUTARE man who humiliates his wife before their minor children by stripping her naked and chasing her from their matrimonial home has been hauled before the Mutare Magistrates’ Civil Courts.

The humiliated wife and mother, Spiwe Mbiriya begged the court that her husband, Takesure Kambarami be stopped from abusing her in front of their minor children as his actions might disturb the children’s view of the family set-up.

She told the court that Kambarami strips her naked and throws her out of their house for all, including their neighbours and children to see.

After throwing her out, he then badmouths her to their children and tells them that she was a good for nothing prostitute who did not care for her family, Mbiriya explained.

The matter was presided over by Mutare magistrate, Miss Nyasha Kuture.

Apart from shaming her in public, Mbiriya told the court that Kambarami also called his girlfriend in front of her and the children.

“He does not drink alcohol, he is just evil by nature and I have had enough of it Your Worship. He tears my clothes and strips me naked then chases me from the house while I am naked.

“After I clean the house and put everything in order, he comes and puts the whole house into disorder so that I start everything all over again.

“He does not respond at all if I am talking to him. He ignores me completely. Rather, he calls his girlfriend in front of the children and myself and speaks in a language that is not fit for the children’s ears. If I ask him, he assaults me and when our minor children try to stop him from assaulting me, like a rabid dog, he attacks them as well.

“You Worship, as you can see, I am left with no other option but to seek refuge from the law,” she said.

Asked on why he acted in such a manner, Kambarami begged for the court’s forgiveness and promised he would not abuse his wife or children ever again.

“You are disturbing the children’s idea of a family set up and they will grow up thinking that fathers and husbands are supposed to be violent towards their wives and children. They will think women should be beaten and if you have a son, he will grow up into you and abuse his own family. Please stop those actions or you will find yourself behind bars,” warned Miss Kuture.

She granted Mbiriya a protection order, which is valid for five years.  Manica Post


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