Saturday 11 August 2018


President-elect Cde Emmerson Mnangagwa has urged the Zimbabwe National Defence University (ZNDU) to come up with mechanisms to deal with various security threats that confront the nation.

He said this at the graduation of 34 students under National Defence Course Number 06-2017 at ZNDU yesterday.

“I challenge the ZNDU to ensure that perspectives and solutions to mitigate contemporary threats such as terrorism, extremism, money laundering, corruption, unemployment and cybercrime among others filter into national policy proposals.

“This calls for enhanced unity of purpose, collaboration and coordination between the university, Government and other stakeholders,” President-elect Mnangagwa said.

He also said Government had established innovation incubation hubs at institutions of higher learning, including the ZNDU, that could be useful in promoting inventions and innovations.

“It is envisaged that these incubation hubs will lay the foundation for economic transformation through the creation of knowledge societies, promotion of inventions and innovations in response to our current and future national needs.

“In this regard, I exhort the university to encourage researchers to be cognisant of the modern political, socio and economic realities and always seek to provide solutions which foster national security and territorial integrity,” President-elect Mnangagwa said.

He said the course — which covered the domestic situation in Zimbabwe and encompassed aspects of social, economic, legal and political systems — would equip participants with the requisite tools for analysis into the mutating socio-political realities and national defence and security concepts.

“The exposure enabled by study tours, presentations by a broad array of presenters as well as practical exercises and the comprehensive curriculum of the course, was an eye opener to students.

“Furthermore, this increased students’ capacity to apply theories they learnt to enhance their understanding of the country’s strategic socio-economic infrastructure, execution of foreign defence policies,” President-elect Mnangagwa added.

A number of international delegations also visited the institution and these included the

chairperson of the African Union Commission, Mr Moussa Faki, delegations from the Zambia Joint Command and Staff Course, the Kenya National Defence College, the Pakistani Defence College and the Zimbabwe Military Academy Officer Cadet Course Number 3/35.

“We applaud the activities and programmes showcased by the ZNDU, which bear testimony to its desire to be a world class centre for defence and security studies,” President-elect Mnangagwa said.

He also challenged the graduates to emulate the prowess of the late national hero Cde Rodgers Alfred Nikita Mangena after whom the cantonment area where the ZNDU is located is named.

“I challenge you graduands to be inspired and strive to emulate the military acumen and tactical prowess as well as the life and ideals of the late Cde Mangena after whom this cantonment area is named.

“I further urge you to use the knowledge you have acquired to be highly innovative and self-actualise individuals who can survive under the severest of conditions and deliver results ‘beyond military horizons’ for the benefit of our beloved country,” he added.

The course was attended by officers drawn from other countries that include South Africa, Zambia, Tanzania, Botswana, Nigeria and Pakistan. Herald


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