Sunday 19 August 2018


Harare City Council has backtracked on its plans to demolish illegal structures in the capital and is now exploring a legal route to a address the problem, an official said yesterday.

Council spokesperson Michael Chideme said the latest position was taken in light of a recent Supreme Court ruling that outlawed 48-hour notices to demolish structures.

“The reason (for the change in strategy) is that there is a recent court ruling outlawing 48-hour notices to demolish structures, therefore, we stand guided by this,” he said.

“We will proceed by way of urgent chamber applications in the hope that the court will proceed by issuing summons for eviction. that way we can stop this illegal invasion and development taking place.”

Last Thursday, the local authority threatened to demolish all illegal structures on recently invaded land within 48 hours, accusing the occupants of riding on political muscle and creating chaos within the city by invading land reserved for other purposes.

“Harare City Council is moving to demolish all illegal structures on recently invaded land.

“There has been an influx of land invasions by people claiming political clout,” City of Harare said on its official Facebook page.

The areas which have recently seen the sprouting of illegal residential structures are mainly in Harare South and some of the city’s western suburbs.

Chideme said council was confident that the courts would decide in a manner that would bring back sanity to the city.

“These people invading land illegally are being misled (by land barons) and they will lose their investments eventually when the court gives its order,” he said.

Harare has witnessed endless land invasions as land barons riding on political connections continue to parcel out land to people without the consent and approval of council. Standard


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