Wednesday 22 August 2018


A BULAWAYO businessman who lost $18 000 to four masked armed robbers in Gwabalanda has revealed that his assailants threatened to rape his three minor children if he refused to tell them where he kept the money.

The robbers stormed into Mr Elliot Moyo’s home around 2AM on Sunday, barely 12 hours after he had sold a house in Pumula South.  They got away with $14 000, $4 000 bond notes and three cellphones.

In an interview yesterday, Mr Moyo who runs a construction company and a hardware shop said his attackers, who were armed with hammers, knives and an iron bar, tortured him but failed to force him to reveal where he had stashed the money.  He said he was forced to relent when they threatened to violate his daughters.

He suspects that his employees could have had a hand in the robbery.
“It was around 2AM on Sunday.  I heard noises coming from my kitchen door but the noise died down. A few minutes later I heard another banging sound. I was sleepy and before I knew what was happening, a man grabbed me by the neck demanding money,” he said.

“I was all confused as I tried to resist but he stabbed me on the hand and it dawned on me that we were being robbed. That’s when I realised that they were four and they made it clear that they wanted money.”

Mr Moyo said the robbers started attacking his wife as they made their demands.
“She directed them to her handbag and they searched it but said that’s not the money they wanted. They ransacked the house and I told them that I had little money that I had left in the car. Two of them took the car keys and went to search for it in the vehicle while others held us hostage. Those who had gone to the car came back saying that it was not the money they wanted. They insisted that they knew that I had a substantial amount as they knew I had sold a house,” said Mr Moyo.

He said while they were demanding the money they were stabbing and threatening to kill him.
The businessman declined to have his picture taken as he showed the news crew some of the stab wounds.

“They started debating among themselves as I had insisted that I didn’t have the money before one of them suggested that they rape my children. I have three minor girls with the eldest being a 14-year-old, so when I heard their threats I directed them to where the money was hidden,” said Mr Moyo.

“Even now my kids are just traumatised. You can tell that they are afraid; they are even failing to sleep. It’s a serious concern for me as a parent.”

He said the four were wearing hoodie jackets and covered their faces with scarves.
“The scarf on one of them fell off and I saw his face. He started suggesting to his colleagues that they should kill me since I had seen his face. He said I was going to be a problem for them. But the others said they should just leave as they had got the money as instructed,” he said.

Mr Moyo said the ‘instructed’ statement made him believe that the four were just mercenaries who were sent on a mission. Chronicle


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