Sunday 5 August 2018


THE 2018 harmonised elections were free and fair and MDC Alliance leader Mr Nelson Chamisa should accept defeat, MDC-T vice-president Mr Obert Gutu has said.

Disputing elections, Mr Gutu added, ran in Mr Chamisa’s blood as he similarly refused to concede when he has defeated by Mr Douglas Mwonzora for the secretary-general’s post in the MDC-T then led by Morgan Tsvangirai in 2014, claiming the election was rigged.

In an interview, Mr Gutu said the 40-year-old politician was not fit to lead Zimbabwe.
“I personally saw it coming. We know him very well. He is not Presidential material,” Mr Gutu said. “It was going to be a tragedy for Zimbabwe if Chamisa had won the elections. We do not want pretenders as presidents in Zimbabwe. He pretends to be a Godly man but underneath he uses violence. Look at the manner he assumed power, how he lied to assume power.

“In the just-ended elections he was beaten fair and square. There was no cooking of election results here. It is the same manner he was clobbered by Douglas Mwonzora at the MDC’s 4th National Congress at City Sports Centre in 2014. I can assure you that even if there is another congress or election, he will lose all over again.”

Last week, Mr Gutu engaged in a debate on Facebook with outgoing Harare City Council mayor and MDC Alliance member Mr Bernard Manyenyeni on the credibility of the elections.

“Zanu-PF takes five years to plan an election unlike our opposition. In a few months, they will start planning for 2023 only for the opposition to wake up a few months before the election,” said Tau Malusuwela, who was following the debate.

Another participant, Tinashe Mushayavanhu, said: “It’s about structures. Zanu-PF rural structures are alive and well. I can tell you kuMuchakata, an area near where I come from, some folks there probably saw MDC officials for the first time at their rally. Zanu-PF always has meetings in such places.

“The Politburo sits nearly every two weeks and the provincial structures at least every month. The MDC doesn’t do that.”

Contributing to the same debate, Denford Magora said: “The MDC believes that God votes for them and therefore anytime they lose, it is rigging. The sense of entitlement and victimhood is so frightening that I hope this party is never ever allowed anywhere near power again. Ever. They have frightening dictator traits: anyone who does not vote for them is evil, bought, satanic et cetera. It’s genuinely frightening. Genuinely.”

Before the elections, Mr Chamisa publicly said he would not accept any election results that did not confirm him as the winner.
Mr Chamisa vowed to make Zimbabwe governable if he lost the elections.

On Wednesday, his supporters unleashed violence in Harare that ended with the deaths of six people.
Mr Godwine Mureriwa, a political analyst, said the MDC Alliance lost because it was ideologically bankrupt.

“Being ideologically bankrupt, they did not know what to offer to the people. This is why they adopted these fictions policies which talked about airports in the rural areas, bullet trains, $100 billion economy and also peddling falsehoods,” he said.

“Chamisa talked about Trump promising him $15 billion. President (Donald) Trump refuted it. He talked about championing the Rwandan ICT policy, again President (Paul) Kagame refuted it. So he became a liar in the eyes of the people.”

Leader of South African opposition party Economic Freedom Fighters Mr Julius Malema on Friday told the MDC-Alliance leader to accept defeat.

Meanwhile, Police are keen to interview a Kenyan national — Silas Jakakimba in connection with the violence that occurred in Harare last week.

The capital city’s Central Business District last Wednesday turned into a war zone after supporters aligned to the MDC Alliance leader Mr Chamisa took to the streets in violent protests against the election results.

The rowdy youths initially tried to enter the Rainbow Towers, where the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission national vote counting centre was housed, in a bid to disrupt the results announcement process.

However, the rowdy members were dispersed by the police, before they took to the CBD where they forced the closure of business premises while unleashing an orgy of property destruction.

It took the intervention of the military to quell the disturbances upon realisation that the police had no capacity to deal with the situation as most of its members had been deployed to around the country on election duty.

In a statement last night, police chief spokesperson Senior Assistant Commissioner Charity Charamba said; “The Zimbabwe Republic Police is keen to interview Silas Jakakimba, a Kenyan national in connection with the disturbances which occurred in Harare on 1st August 2018.

“Members of the public with information of his whereabouts should contact CID Law and Order on telephone number 0242 251505 or National Complaints Desk on telephone number 0242 703631 or any nearest police station.”

The police also appealed to Zimbabweans to remain peaceful and united. Sunday Mail


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