Monday 25 June 2018


OPPOSITION National People’s Party leader and People’s Rainbow Coalition (PRC) presidential candidate Joice Mujuru was yesterday forced to cancel her campaign rally in Victoria Falls after only a handful of her supporters turned up for the event.

The rally was scheduled to start as early as 10am, but by 5pm the crowd size had not improved, forcing Mujuru’s deputy Samuel Sipepa Nkomo to call off the rally, claiming the former Vice-President had stayed away for security reasons, referring to the explosion that rocked the Zanu PF rally in Bulawayo on Saturday.

“You are aware that umama wethu ((Mujuru) was supposed to be here but emergencies do happen. As I speak, she is actually driving to Victoria Falls because there was an emergency of some relatives that were injured in Bulawayo yesterday,” he said.

“Because of that she couldn’t be here but she will be in Jambezi to address another rally tomorrow (today). But she has promised to come back and meet you the people of Victoria Falls,”Nkomo said after 5pm.

Sources, however, told NewsDay that Mujuru had spent the day holed up at PRC Hwange West parliamentary candidate Christopher Ndiweni’s house, hoping to show up at the rally after the crowd size had increased.

The tent pitched at Chinotimba Stadium was occupied by only a handful PRC members with less than 50 supporters in attendance. Newsday


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