Tuesday 5 June 2018


SOCIAL media sensation Mai Titi, who disclosed her HIV status on Facebook Live last week, will soon release an album, raising questions on whether she did so to gain popularity ahead of the launch.

Mai Titi caused a stir on social media last week when she said she was infected with the deadly virus by her estranged husband Tapiwa Mutikani who later on dumped her and recently wedded another lady traditionally.

As her fans were still coming to grips with the revelations, on Sunday morning, the comedian-cum-singer advised people to gear up for the release of her debut album.

“Countdown to my album launch. . . Enjoy my forthcoming song, He lifts you higher,” posted Mai Titi with an attachment of one of the new songs.

This latest development has made many suspect her disclosure, as most believed, was one of those attention seeking gimmicks by celebrities meant to gain mileage.

What is very interesting about Mai Titi’s meltdown on social media is that each time she would do so, she would be humming away some tune, perhaps trying to set up her fans for the yet to be named forthcoming album which seems to be a gospel one, judging by the title of the first track.

This is not the first time that Mai Titi has -dabbled in gospel music as she last year featured in Gift Mahlupeka’s gospel music video titled Rangarira.
Also last year, Mai Titi dropped gospel singles and a music video for track Ndinouya Ikoko.
Mai Titi has in the past said she has roots in gospel music, having been a singer and a church leader’s daughter. It was only in 2016 that she dropped singing to take up comedy. It seems that after making people laugh and gaining popularity, Mai Titi is ready to return to music especially now that she has a testimony from her failed marriage. Also as a person living with HIV, she likely has a message that people can listen to and many can identify with. Chronicle


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