Thursday 7 June 2018


RENOWNED producer and multi-instrumentalist Clive “Mono” Mukundu has urged people to be careful when dealing with sexual abuse issues, claiming an unnamed female artiste once offered him sex as payment for studio time.

Writing on Facebook on Tuesday, Mukundu, said although he rallies behind the fight against women abuse, sexual abuse was not a one-way street and people should not be quick to pass judgment, following a surge in female artists, who claim producers are demanding sex from aspiring

“I support the fight against sexual harassment of women of any sort, but every war has sell outs and people who tarnish a good cause, but people these days rush to conclusions if a man is accused of any sexual crime without even hearing his side of the story.

“Even before the case is taken to court, everybody comes guns blazing at him, and worse still, if the woman cries, no one then listens to the accused,” he said.
“In 2016, a female artiste I was recording, who owed me some money, offered me sex. I turned down the offer [and] didn’t take offence, but a few days later, a fellow musician told me that the lady [was taking] a list to take to the newspapers, of men in the music industry, who were demanding sex for favours from her, and my name was on the list.”

Mukundu said when he heard that, he called the female artiste, but she did not answer her phone.
In an interview with NewsDay Life & Style yesterday, Mukundu said while there were real cases of sexual abuse, some women were taking advantage of the good fight against abuse to settle their own scores.

“I know there are women with genuine cases of sexual harassment, and abuse and I support them as I have a daughter.

“I would not want that to happen to her, but let’s not be quick to crucify any accused male before we hear both sides of the story,” he cautioned.

Mukundu said the incident could have had serious ramifications for him and his family, and they would have been wrongfully hurt by false information. Newsday 


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