Monday 25 June 2018


The Government under the new administration will ensure that all traditional leaders have decent community court rooms to conduct trials and move away from conducting their duties under trees, Minister of State for Midlands Province, Cde Owen Ncube has said.

Speaking during the commissioning of a state-of-the art community court room at Chief Njelele’s homestead in Gokwe on Thursday last week, Minister Ncube said traditional leaders play a critical role in society and should be provided with tools to conduct their duties.

“Since the colonial era, most of the primary and community courts have continued to operate from places that are not conducive to proper administration of justice,” he said.

“In the majority of cases, the court sessions are being conducted under trees and this has resulted in some people looking down upon these very vital arms of the judiciary.”

Minister Ncube said it was the duty of the new Government under the steward of President Emmerson Mnangagwa to change this narrative by building modern community courts for the traditional leaders.

He said the construction of a community court at Chief Njelele’s homestead was a step in the right direction by the new Government.

“The construction of this state-of-the-art community court by Chief Njelele with resources pulled from the community is a welcome development that should be celebrated by the judiciary in particular and Government at large,” he said.

“Zimbabwe under the new dispensation continues to take all necessary measures to enhance the Chiefs’ welfare and image.”
Minister Ncube said the community court at Chief Njelele was the first of its kind in the Midlands province adding that all traditional leaders should strive to come up with such modern community courts.

He said Government is cognisant of the traditional leaders’ challenges and will continue working on improving their lives.

“It is the intention of Government to do a lot more to improve the welfare of all traditional leaders including Headmen and Village Heads as the economy continues to grow,” he said. Chronicle


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