Friday 4 May 2018


Updates by The Herald
1426: National Chairperson, Cde Oppah Muchinguri, is now giving the Vote of Thanks on behalf of VP Kembo Mohadi who is not feeling well.

1407: “You cannot force people to vote for you but persuade them. With these words, I declare the 2018 Zanu-PF Campaign and Election Manifesto officially launched. The Manifesto covers the unparalleled achievements of Zanu-PF, it has a vision for the people of this country. I thank you. Pamberi ne Zanu-PF,” President Mnangagwa says as he ends his address and leaves the podium.

1404: “The labour force is pivotal in shaping our destiny. The service of teachers, nurses and doctors will be reviewed for the betterment of their service. Right now Government is working on addressing cash shortages. We are here to prepare for elections in fulfillment of the provisions we are mandated to carry out in our constitution. Let us thrive to go out there and win hearts people of people,”

1400: “Zanu-PF will continue to provide vulnerable learners with help through the Basic Education Assistance Model. Implementation of new education curriculum will be prioritised. Demographics show women and youth are the most increasing population and ignoring them is detrimental. ZANU Pf gives importance to these sectors. Youth are the future and we will ensure they participate in government issues as a matter of extreme urgency,”

1356: “Preliminary indications are that many land barons are going to be brought to book. On water challenges, Government has since acquired drilling rigs (10) and so far five are already in the country. The rigs go as deep as 1000 metres from the surface. The other five are coming. Provision of quality education will be key for ZANU Pf to have a good human resource base,”

1352: “ZANU-PF is committed to improving the people’s livelihoods, we will attend and vitalise all our social service sector. We will continue to prioritise affordable education, particularly to people in rural areas. Clinics and housing will also be addressed by the next Zanu-PF Government that is alive to addressing the needs of women, youths and vulnerable groups,”

1349: “SMEs sector continues to generate opportunities for employment and the party is open to growing the sector through legislative provisions.”

He says the party will look at the development of infrastructure and “real airports not ones in villages as said by others who cannot even repair potholes”.
1346: “Will continue financing of Presidential Input Scheme, increase land utilisation in quest to ensure perpetual food availability. The party will champion the export of organic agriculture produce through greater involvement of SMEs, women and youth. Mining is also a key contributor to our economy. While we mine, we also want to preserve our environment for posterity,”

1343: “To date we have $11 billion worth of investment commitments. We need FDI to catapult our economy. We will continue to create a conducive environment for investors in our country. We will enhance public sector accountability. Through this manifesto, the party will sustain the economy through modernisation drives to increase productivity in every sector. The party will ensure command agriculture is broadened and adequately funded,”

1341: “A stone by stone approach built Jerusalem. We are opening our economy to a new model informed by sustainable development that is not isolationist. We need to look at possible challenges for this model and try to overcome them. We need to create new partnerships to propel our beloved Zimbabwe,”

1336: “We as members of Party must recognise the party’s rich ideology. I call on all of us to be honest and honourable to ourselves and the public. Let us put differences aside and campaign for a thunderous victory for our party. A divided house cannot stand. Where there is unity God commands his blessings towards unity. No other party can put Zimbabwe in good hands. This manifesto is there to guide the next Government. The focus of our party is no longer politics alone, but politics and economics. Days of politics are over. We cannot stop other parties to go for politics but we need to put food on the tables of our people,”

1331: “The days of imposition and chicanery are dead and buried. Never again to be resurrected no matter a person’s standing. We do everything for the people. We must fully respect the rights of the people. The voice of the people is the voice of God. The task ahead of us after the primary elections is huge but we must unite. As we reflect, I encourage us to be guided by party constitution. It (constitution) obliges us to abide by it. Each member must popularise the party because it is bigger than an individual. Ukada kutora ZANU-PF uchiisa muhomwe mako inokupisa, ugotsva, uchingotsva kusvika waibudisa muhomwe mako,”

1327: “In my statement on the conduct of party’s primary elections, we will attend to every issue raised that is why we are not announcing names of candidates today. We will go through the challenges faced in the Politburo tomorrow. We need to guard against those with ulterior motives to undermine the party’s democratic systems. New systems will be fine-tuned with time. We have an immense contribution to the national body politic. Zanu-PF has a special status and standing as a liberator. Its a courier of our national legacy and definer of our nation. Leaders must always come from the people,” President Mnangagwa says as delegates cheer to the statement.

1324: “As we go full throttle, we need a commitment and pledge to pull sleeves and build every facet of Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe is in good hands.”
The theme we have is most appropriate in the context of the internal transformation of the party and country.

1318: President Mnangagwa chants the party slogan urging unity and correctness of party ideology. He acknowledges all senior party officials present and acknowledges VP Kembo Mohadi in absentia.

“He (VP Mohadi) is not feeling too well. We wish him a speedy recovery..I am honoured to stand for you as the party’s Presidential candidate. I am joined by many esteemed men and women who have answers to serve Zanu-PF and people of Zimbabwe as candidates in upcoming elections.
He says candidates should put interests of the people at the forefront. He says the task ahead is immense.
1315: He takes a dig at people who promise spaghetti roads as juvenile politicians whom he says Zanu-PF will dismantle. He says first they should deal with issues of legitimacy in their party. VP Chiwenga says people are listening to the President’s message. VP Chiwenga ends his speech and invites President Mnangagwa, who takes to the podium amid ululation.
1307: ” His life (President Mnangagwa) history, both before and during our struggle, took him to countries like Tanzania, Egypt and China. I trace his history in this way in order to educate little boys who pretend to be larger than life forgetting that this country has its heroes,” says VP Chiwenga.
1300: The VP narrates the history of President Mnangagwa and the history of Zimbabwe’s colonisation.
1255: VP Chiwenga takes to the podium and says President Mnangagwa is the Party’s 2018 presidential candidate. He says President Mnangagwa’s qualities speak of the similarities between his values and the principles that sustain Zimbabwe.
1249: Cde Machacha invites Cde Muchinguri-Kashiri to introduces VP Chiwenga, who is also the Party’s Second Secretary, to the delegates.
1245: Cde Machacha invites Concilia Chipangura to deliver a special poem dedicated to the President. Chipangura’s poem is titled “ED Has My Vote”
1238: Cde SK Moyo hands over samples of regalia and the manifesto to President Mnangagwa. The regalia will be distributed to all provinces and will be available from cell level. Cde SK Moyo leaves the podium to Cde Machacha.
1233: She urges party members to read the manifesto that has been translated into vernacular languages. She invites Cde SK Moyo, the Party’s Sec for Info and Publicity, to present the party’s regalia. Yellow and green are the two dominant colours on the party regalia.
1229: “This is a special event on our calendar as we launch this manifesto and campaign,”
She says the presence of delegates shows their commitment to ZANU-PF as it is a democratic party whose potential and ability is indisputable.
“Zanu-PF cannot survive without its delegates here. We have surely hit the ground running. The “Zimbabwe is Open for Business” mantra has made an impact on the global map.”
1222: Provinces now making introductions as they register their presence. Cde Mpofu invites National Chairperson Cde Oppah Muchinguri-Kashiri to the podium. Cde Muchinguri-Kashiri makes party slogan as she rallies party supporters to back President Mnangagwa in the forthcoming elections. She also acknowledges the presence of senior party.
1221: Cde Mpofu acknowledges the presence of all invited delegates among them politburo members, chiefs, captains of industry and accredited members of the diplomatic community in Zimbabwe.
1217: Head of the Herbert Chitepo Ideological College Cde Munyaradzi Machacha on podium. He welcomes delegates, the President and other Politburo members. He says the party has composed jingles that will be used during the election campaign. Cde Machacha leaves the podium to the party’s Sec for Admin Cde Obert Mpofu to make introductions and announce party candidates for the upcoming polls.


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