Friday 18 May 2018


A juvenile (17) from Nyamandlovu was arrested for allegedly raping, assaulting and choking his employer’s daughter (17).

The alleged habitual criminal does not have an identity card or a birth certificate and allegedly changes names every time he commits a crime.

The juvenile who, this time identified himself as Thinkwell Ncube of Sawmills area, Nyamandlovu was later charged with rape after he had been arrested on Thursday in Sipepa for theft. During his arrest for theft, he had identified himself as Alias Mandla.

A source close to the case said investigations into the theft case led to further charges of rape and aggravated indecent assault which he allegedly committed in March.

Ncube allegedly raped the minor at his place of work, in Chief Matupula’s area in Tsholotsho.
The source said: “He dragged the juvenile to his bedroom and had sexual intercourse with her once without her consent. After having sexual intercourse with her, he inserted an iron rod into her privates several times while trying to strangle her.
“He then released her and the juvenile revealed the matter to her grandfather who had been away when she was raped. Medical examinations revealed that she was penetrated and seriously injured by the iron rod. Further tests were made to ascertain the degree of injuries incurred by the iron rod.”

Chief Matupula said the incident had left the community in shock, especially considering the level of abuse caused to the minor.

He confirmed this is not the first case where this juvenile had abused his employers’ children
“This is not the first incident where this juvenile has abused a girl child at his employers’ homes. The issue is further complicated by the fact that most of these young working boys have no identity particulars with some coming from far away seeking work.

“When such people commit crime, it becomes difficult to investigate them because they have no identity documents or even reference from previous employers. We can’t even determine what caused them to leave their last jobs,” said the chief.

He attributed the increase in crime by youths to alcohol and mbanje abuse.
“Another causal factor to such crime is the abuse of alcohol and mbanje by these young men who are often drawn towards crime that they commit not in their normal state of the mind.

“The issue of employers working in town or neighbouring countries, leaving children in the custody of young workers also exposes kids to abuse,” said the chief.

Chief Matupula said they were working on bringing together all concerned members of the community to turn every citizen into local policing agents to ensure the protection of children both boys and girls.

Matabeleland North police spokesperson Assistant Inspector Eglon Nkala could not be reached for comment as his phones went unanswered. Chronicle 


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