Sunday 13 May 2018


A headmaster has been ordered to pay a $40 fine for beating a female villager who had refused to give him a gas cylinder.

Lizweni Ncube (52), the headmaster of Mandihongola Secondary School in Gwanda was convicted on his own plea of guilty to physical abuse by Gwanda magistrate, Miss Nomagugu Ncube last week.

He was ordered to pay a $40 fine or spend 12 months in prison in case of default. Prosecuting, Mr Moses Gondongwe said Ncube assaulted Ms Sibonile Nare of Mabuza Village in Guyu area on 13 January.

“On 13 January about 5pm, Ms Nare found Ncube seated at the verandah of her shop waiting for her. He told her that he had come to collect a gas cylinder which belongs to his brother, Mr Lungile Ncube.

“Ms Nare refused to give Ncube the gas cylinder saying the owner was supposed to be the one to collect it or she wanted authority from the owner to give it to someone else. Ncube tried to take the gas cylinder by force from the shop but Ms Nare stopped him,” he said.

Mr Gondongwe said Ncube punched Ms Nare on the face and pushed her against the wall.

The matter was reported to the police resulting in Ncube’s arrest. Sunday News


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