Monday 28 May 2018


THERE was drama at the Mutare Civil Courts last Friday when a local man accused his sexagenarian wife of promiscuity and demanded that the court divorce them immediately.

William Magosvongwe (70) went out of control and begged magistrate, Ms Nyasha Kuture, to legally separate himself and his wife, Emily Magosvongwe (62) whom he accused of being unfaithful.

He alleged that she was in an extra-marital affair with their 25-year-old neighbour.

The husband made all these claims after Emily had dragged him to the civil court accusing him of physically and emotionally abusing her by insulting and assaulting her in public.

He however, did not deny that he was mistreating his wife but told the court that the reason why he was acting in such a manner was because his wife was no longer faithful to him.

“Your Worship, you have to divorce us today. If you do not, the next time I come before you it will be because I would have murdered this woman due to her wayward ways,” he begged the court for a divorce.

Miss Kuture however told him that her court had no powers to end marriages and advised him to seek marriage counselling to save their marriage.

“What I do not understand is why a 62-year-old woman who already has grandchildren and children who are staying abroad would have extra-marital relationships. Something is amiss here,” Miss Kuture asked.

Magosvongwe stood his ground and said he saw his wife and her lover leave the toilet together.

“I came across their chats and I confiscated her phone as evidence. I have it and will not give it back to her until you grant us a divorce,” he said.

Emily vehemently denied her husband’s claims that she had a younger lover.

“Your Worship, If I needed a lover, why would I pick a child in his mid-20s? I would obviously pick someone who is close to my age. Besides this man is very violent and that is the reason why he is bringing all these lies before the court,” she defended herself. Manica Post


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