Friday 25 May 2018


A court has ordered the arrest of a man who fathered a child with a 15-year-old — 10 years after she had the child.

Sindiso Mzizi (25) from Tshabalala suburb told a court during mitigation that she had conceived her first born child while she was 15 years old when she appeared in court together with Falisi Ncube (19) and Perfect Mahlangu (22) all from Tshabalala suburb for allegedly assaulting Mrs Ntombi Moyo (31) on Sunday.
The husband was identified in court as Bornwell Moyo and Western Commonage magistrate Mr Lungile Ncube expressed his shock that the law had not caught up with Moyo after 10 years.

“This man should be arrested, he belongs behind bars and you will assist police to arrest him,” said Mr Ncube.

Mzizi and her two accomplices allegedly attacked Mrs Moyo after they had seen her chatting with Mahlangu’s boyfriend.

The trio allegedly followed Mrs Moyo into a toilet where they punched her all over the body and struck her with an empty bottle of beer on the back of her head. They pleaded guilty to assault charges and Mr Ncube remanded them out of custody to Monday for sentencing.
Prosecuting, Mr Nathan Marime told the court that on Sunday at around 10PM the accused persons were drinking beer at Matshabini Sports Bar when Mahlangu approached Mrs Moyo demanding to know why she was talking to her boyfriend.

“Moments later Mrs Moyo went to the toilet and Mzizi, Mahlangu and Ncube followed her,” said Mr Marime

“They started beating her with fists all over the body. One of the accused persons produced an empty bottle which she used to hit Mrs Moyo on the back of the head once.”
Mr Marime said Mrs Moyo managed to escape and went to Tshabalala Police Station where she filed a report.

Mrs Moyo was referred to Mpilo Central Hospital for medical examination and a medical report may be produced in court. Chronicle


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