Monday 14 May 2018


The First Family has urged Zimbabweans to appreciate their mothers and the role played by women in keeping the social fabric intact as they are the vanguard of families.

Zimbabweans yesterday joined the rest of the world in commemorating Mother’s Day, a celebration of the single most important person in anyone’s life.

In a post on his Facebook page yesterday, President Mnangagwa said Mother’s Day was an important day when people should appreciate their mothers.

“This Mother’s Day, let us all take a moment to express gratitude to the special women who brought us into the world. The unique bond between mother and child is not cut at the umbilical cord, rather it stays with us for our entire lives. The maternal love, care and commitment we receive from day one is at the very core of our existence, and we have much to learn from this unconditional provision of love.

“As Zimbabwe, the motherland, moves into its new era, let us embrace this maternal love, and show it to one another. Take some time today to spend some time with your loved ones. I was lucky enough to have a visit from my beautiful granddaughters while working this morning,” the Head of State, who posted a cute picture of his two granddaughters in his office, said.

First Lady Auxilia Mnangagwa spelt out the need for women to unite and start income-generating projects that help improve the lives of families and contribute to the country’s macro-economic development.

In an exclusive Mother’s Day interview with The Herald yesterday, the First Lady said she was available to offer any possible assistance to ensure the success of women’s projects.
The First Lady said while women’s role of nurturing the nation deserves to be celebrated, they need to make meaningful contributions to the economy.

“Ngatibatanei kwese kwamuri madzimai kana kungave kumamisha todzidzisana rudo neruregerero totanga maprojects emaoko anobatsira ramangwana redu. Kuti pamusha panzi pamusha tisu vanhukadzi,” she said.

Amai Mnangagwa, who recently launched a charity initiative Angel of Hope Foundation which caters for the welfare and empowerment of women and children from disadvantaged backgrounds, implored communities to take care of the needy, including orphans, whom she described as everyone’s responsibility.

“Today is a day set aside to celebrate all mothers across the world and as a mother also, I am aware of the struggles mothers go through as we work tirelessly to impart discipline and create opportunities for a better future of our children,” she said.

“Hapana musha usina nherera, saka ibasa redu isu saana amai kuchengeta vana ava. Therefore, I urge all mothers to keep up the good work. I have always encouraged women to work hard to improve their lives and that of their children. You have to start from somewhere engaging in self-sustainable projects.”

The First Lady urged men to continuously treat their mothers and wives, saying everyday should be Mother’s Day.

The First Lady is not new to empowerment projects, having assisted so many women start self-help projects during her tenure as Chirumhanzu-Zibagwe Member of Parliament.

She is, however, not contesting in the forthcoming harmonised elections after she relinquished the seat to concentrate on her new role as “Mother of the Nation”.
The First Lady’s decision to stop representing Chirumhanzu-Zibagwe in Parliament left many people in tears as they pondered the future without her.

Harare and other towns and service centres throughout the country were a hive of activity as people ran around looking for the perfect gifts to present to their mothers.

Gift shops and florists enjoyed brisk business selling bouquets of flowers and all manner of gifts.
The well-heeled took their mothers to restaurants while others pooled their resources and enjoyed the day as families at home.

Others gave thanks to their grandmothers and aunts who raised them following the deaths of their mothers, describing them as super women.

Mothers play a very crucial role in keeping the social fabric intact as they are the vanguard of families particularly that they are the first teachers of children in their families and instilling discipline.

Mother’s Day is a celebration honouring the mother of the family, as well as motherhood, maternal bonds, and the influence of mothers in society. It is celebrated on various days in many parts of the 
world, most commonly in the months of March or May.

It complements similar celebrations honouring family members, such as Father’s Day. Herald


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