Thursday 17 May 2018


President Mnangagwa yesterday wowed hundreds of mourners with his evangelism prowess. The President, who was addressing mourners gathered at the burial of Sekuru Phineas Tagwirei, father to Sakunda Holdings director — Mr Kudakwashe Tagwirei — took many by surprise when he asked someone to open the Bible and read him some verses from the Book of Revelations.

After the reading of the verses, the President suddenly switched into evangelism mode and started retelling the verses, reciting them word-by-word as previously read by the reader, mu
ch to the surprise of the gathering.

He told the gathering that he was a God-fearing leader and a good pastor. President Mnangagwa said he always finds time to pray alone and used to do so even during the liberation struggle.

“Hallelujah, God is a Holy Trinity, God the Father, The Son and the Holy Spirit. Everything is in trinity . . . We must also know that in human beings there is time of birth, life and death,” said the President.

President Mnangagwa implored every Zimbabwean to put God first. He said at every gathering he makes sure he finds time to preach peace and unity.
“You think I don’t pray? I always find time to pray. Even soldiers pray. That is what we used to do even during the liberation struggle.

“When the going was getting tough, we would kneel down and pray for the God of war. And even now when we are all in peace, we also kneel down and pray for the God of peace,” said the President. He said people should shun hate speech and promote peace.

“I always emphasise the need to uphold peace and unity. “However, I have heard some at their gatherings preaching hate speech. I say let the demons of legion vacate them,” he said. The President said people must always guard against the tongue while cognisant of the fact that the tongue was the most dangerous part of the human body.

“From it we curse and speak bad things and from it we also speak well. “We must always know what to say and guard against the tongue,” said the President quoting from the Bible.

He said the late Sekuru Tagwirei was God-fearing as evidenced by his deeds during his lifetime. “His son is also a God-fearing person, at times I call him on Sundays intending to discuss issues of Command Agriculture, but mostly he excuses himself saying he will be busy at church,” he said. Chronicle


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