Wednesday 9 May 2018


MDC Alliance leader Mr Nelson Chamisa on Monday mocked the alliance’s late founding president Mr Morgan Tsvangirai saying he lacked diplomatic etiquette that saw him blunder on the international scene.

In reference to Mr Tsvangirai’s protocol faux paus (embarrassing act) in Germany in June 2009, Mr Chamisa said he was mounting mock guards of honour to avoid such pitfalls.

During a state visit to Germany, Mr Tsvangirai appeared to be gripping German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s hand a bit too hard and when it was time to let go, he just would not let go. The chancellor had to smile embarrassingly as she tried to free her hand. As if that was not enough, Mr Tsvangirai got protocol all wrong and stood on the dais with the German flag, instead of Zimbabwe’s flag.

To cap it all, Mr Tsvangirai was captured embarrassingly bowing to the German army at a military parade.
Recalling the incident. Mr Chamisa said the late MDC-T leader made a fool of himself during the visit.

As a precaution, Mr Chamisa said, he was rehearsing how to inspect a guard of honour daily. 

A guard of honour is traditionally reserved for the Head of State and/or Government and visiting dignitaries.

Said Mr Chamisa: “Ini ndiri kugadzirira; ndiri kunetseka mazuva ano. Every morning, ndiri kumuka ndichidzidzira kuti kana wakuita guard of honour unoiita sei. Mudhara Tsvangirai iyo nyaya yekusadzidzira iyi akazombouya kuna (Angela) Merkel (Germany Chancellor), Merkel ari kuenda nekuku, idzo dziri kuenda nekuku.

“Ndobva ndati ko chiiko change chakuitika? Zvikanzi ‘haa zvinonetsa mhani izvi! (I am preparing; I am troubled these days. Every morning, I wake up practicing how to inspect a guard of honour. Mr Tsvangirai, through not practicing, once came to visit Merkel (Angela), and while Merkel was going this way, he was going the other way. And I later asked him what had gone wrong and he said: “This is difficult”),” Mr Chamisa said.

He also said he would abolish lobola.

“Ndakataura kuti kana ari mukadzi uchida kuroora, roora mahara. Roora rinorema ka (I once said if you want to get married, you can do so for free. Paying the bride price is difficult, hey.” That is where we want to go with our adult care,” he said.

Mr Chamisa reiterated his campaign theme that he wants to introduce bullet trains, adding that he will replace Command Agriculture – widely accredited with guaranteeing the country’s food security – with Smart Agriculture. 

Curiously, he said an MDC Alliance government, would give tractors to every village around the country.

For the first time, Mr Chamisa also revealed that the opposition wanted to be co-opted into the new Government that was formed after Operation Restore Legacy in November.

The new Government, however, has always been saying it is seeing out President Mugabe’s term after he resigned on November 21 last year.

“Dai ndaive ndirini Ngwena ndakaudza VaTsvangiari, dai tiri isu vana Ngwena, what (President) Mnangagwa missed was to unite the people of Zimbabwe. Tapedza nyaya yemusi wa18 November, aifanira kuti Tsvangirai huya kuno, Mujuru huya kuno chero – chero Mujuru asina vanhu – huya kuno uine zvaunogonawo… tooita mapolitical parties. How do we build a transitional narrative inoita kuti tiite resolve fundamental national ques- tion?

(If I was Ngwena (President Mnangagwa); what (President) Mnangagwa missed was to unite the people of Zimbabwe. After going through November 18, he (President Mnangagwa) should have called on Tsvangirai, (Joice)Mujuru – though she does not have any following – to unite. How do we build a transitional narrative that makes us resolve the fundamental national ques- tion?”)

In a statement that has riled most women activists, Mr Chamisa also offered President Mnangagwa his sister if the latter wins the forthcoming elections. Herald


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