Thursday 10 May 2018


There is a plot to soil and malign the people’s leader, President Adv. Nelson Chamisa by circulating concocted flyers with his phone number on them and falsely purporting that there will be a demonstration this Friday, 11 May 2018.
For the record, President Chamisa has not called for any protest or demonstration this Friday. This is the work of people out to discredit him and to soil his reputation.

There are many issues that President Adv. Chamisa has publicly promised to mobilize the people of Zimbabwe to protest against, particularly issues to do with the lack of transparency over the printing of the ballot paper to be used in the next election. We strongly believe that all stakeholders must agree on the identity of the printer as well as audit the ballot paper and the voters roll in the spirit of openness and accountability and in the furtherance of the agenda to hold truly free, fair and credible elections in Zimbabwe.
But for now President Adv. Chamisa has NOT called for any such demonstrations and we wish to dissociate him from any flyer falsely purporting there will be nationwide protests on Friday, 11 May 2018.
If, and when he decides to call for any demonstrations, the MDC-T leader and MDC-T Alliance Presidential candidate will openly and publicly call for such protests giving the time, form and nature of any such protests using official party platforms. The flyers calling for a demonstration tomorrow are a hoax and their only intention is to soil and malign the good standing of the people’s President. Zimbabweans should not pay any attention to such mischievous flyers as their leader has NOT called for any form of protests.
We will not call for protests in such a clumsy and murky manner. We are sticklers to the law, to order and to Constitutionalism. We will go public about any protest that we call for, which protests will be peaceful and will comply with the law and the Constitutional provisions of the land.
For now, President Chamisa has NOT called for any such demonstrations and we wish to dismiss the flyers currently circulating with the contempt that they deserve.
Behold the new.
Luke Tamborinyoka
Presidential Spokesperson and Director of Communications


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