Sunday 1 April 2018


There have been heartbreaking scenes at the funerals of two rangers from Zimbabwe who drowned during an anti-poaching patrol in the lower Zambezi Valley.

The past few days have been terrible for the Akashinga (the brave ones) anti-poaching team in northern Zimbabwe.

Three rangers drowned earlier this week in a river while on patrol, two of them giving their lives as they tried to rescue a colleague who had got into difficulty.

During a patrol on March 25, 2018, five wildlife protection rangers were on patrol in the lower Zambezi Valley. Three members of the team began crossing a river while two others navigated around a cliff face. While Rangers Tendai Hungwe, Edzai Malunga and Tarzman Foma crossed the river, one began to struggle. The other two quickly came to her aid. Tragically, all three drowned.

Zimbabwe Republic Police officers were immediately notified and responded to the location where the bodies of the rangers were recovered.”

The International Anti-Poaching Foundation says the local community has come together to show their support for this team during the funerals. One of the services is still to be held.

Founder Damien Mander said on Facebook that the 30 women on the Akashinga team had insisting on digging the graves themselves, refusing to pass the shovels to local men.


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