Monday 23 April 2018


A CHIVI serial rapist serving an effective 72 years in jail for eight counts of rape said he hid in a mountain,  large sums of money that he found in his house every day after he was initiated into satanism.

Charles Matanga Magombedze alias Gora (32) of Chikova Village under headman Madzivire was recently convicted of several counts of rape by Masvingo regional magistrate Mrs Dudzai Malunga.

She sentenced him to 76 years in prison and suspended four years on condition of good behaviour.

The convict stunned the court when he pleaded with the magistrate to sentence him to death saying he was being tormented by evil spirits after being initiated into satanism.

Magombedze was back in court last Thursday facing another 11 counts of attempted rape, attempted murder and murder in connection with the death of one of his victims.

Appearing before Masvingo provincial magistrate Mr Langton Ndokera, on Thursday Magombedze pleaded guilty to all the charges. He said he had a bag containing some juju that helped him evade police.
Magombedze narrated to the court, how he was initiated into satanism by an unnamed church.
“I hid large sums of money in a mountain and I would want to ask permission from the court, to go and take that money. I am afraid, it can be destroyed by termites,” said Magombedze.

“I was initiated into satanism when I was in South Africa way back in 2009. I was given a clay pot containing some concoctions which I was supposed to keep in my room while pouring some milk in it every day. I would do that every morning and would find the pot full of wads of rand notes.

“A prophet from this church (name supplied) who had given me the pot had advised me against engaging in sex with any woman, for a period of six months but I could not religiously follow this.”

Magombedze said it was when he violated the “commandments” that he was instructed, by the same prophet, to have sex with 500 women and suck blood from all his victims so as to retain his “wealth”.
Prosecutor, Mr Fidelicy Nyamukondiwa said between December 2017 and February this year, Magombedze allegedly attempted to rape 11 of his victims that included a 14-year-old juvenile, in Chivi and Masvingo districts. Chronicle


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