Thursday 26 April 2018


A 94-YEAR-OLD man allegedly raped his neighbour’s 13-year-old daughter in the presence of her nine-year-old cousin and warned the juveniles against reporting the matter.

Philimon Ncube of Mahetshe Village in Maphisa area summoned the two juveniles to his homestead to look for his lost cell phone in his bedroom hut as his eye sight was poor.
When they were inside, he locked the door and raped the older girl.

Ncube’s rape case was heard by Gwanda Provincial Magistrate, Mr Maphios Ncube, in absentia after he failed to travel from remand prison as he was ill. The old man was remanded in custody to May 3.

Prosecuting, Ms Teererai Mahohoma said Ncube raped the juvenile who is a Form Two pupil at Mahetshe Secondary School on April 4 at around 11AM.

“The juvenile and her cousin were penning goats and one of them strayed and they chased it. They met Ncube who asked them to accompany him to his house to help him look for his lost cellphone which he was failing to locate as he had a poor eyesight.
“The juveniles complied and when they got to Ncube’s homestead, he directed them into his bedroom hut to look for the cellphone. When they were inside he closed the bedroom door and locked it from inside,” she said.

Ms Mahohoma said Ncube grabbed the 13-year-old juvenile and pushed her onto his bed. He ordered the nine-year-old to sit down and remain silent and threatened to beat her up if she didn’t comply.
She said Ncube raped the juvenile once while her cousin was watching and then ordered them to leave. He warned them against reporting the matter.

Ms Mahohoma said the juveniles went home and reported what had transpired leading to the arrest of the old man.  Chronicle


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