Tuesday 3 April 2018


AN illegal money changer from Bulawayo who allegedly owed three people more than $30 000 and R10 000 falsely reported to the police that she had been robbed at gun point by three unknown assailants.

Edinah Mkwishu (34) who normally operates from a centre parking between Tredgold Building and Chicken Inn was arrested last Friday and she allegedly admitted that that she made the false report since she had no money to pay her debts.

A fortnight ago, she reported at Sauerstown Police Station that she had been robbed of US $4 500, $24 000 bond notes, R24 000 and her cell-phone by robbers while coming from Ascot Shopping Centre.

The source said Mkwishu reported that three men who were driving a white golf had pounced on her at the robots while she was coming from her client at Ascot Shopping Centre.

The source said Mkwishu told the police that at the robots between Takawira Street and George Avenue, a white golf stopped next to her and three men came out of the vehicle and pointed a gun at her.

She said they ordered her to drive along Falls Road up to Masiyephambili Drive towards Ngozi Mine.
Mkwishu said after robbing her, the gang deflated the tyres on her vehicle and left her at the dump site.
A source close to investigations said upon probing the matter, police discovered that the robots where the alleged robbery occurred were not working on that particular day. Investigators allegedly ascertained that she had not gone to Ascot Shopping Centre as she had claimed. Her cell-phone was recovered from her friend whom she had given for safe keeping. Mkwishu is set to appear in court today.

In 2016, a woman teamed up with her husband and his brother to stage an armed robbery at Molsky Distributors (exclusive distributors of Savanna Tobacco brands) in Bulawayo where more than $20 000 was stolen.

Azellia Madzorera (24), an accountant at Molsky Distributors and her husband Craig Shamu (27) brought a toy gun from South Africa which was used in the fake robbery. Bulawayo magistrate, Ms Adelaide Mbeure, ordered Madzorera to perform 105 hours of community service for supplying false information to the police.

Meanwhile, another Bulawayo woman was last week fined $200 for making a false rape report against her boyfriend after he refused to delete their nude pictures.

Takudzwanashe Murandu (22) employed by Lobels in Belmont reported her boyfriend to the police after fearing that the pictures would go viral on social media platforms.
She was fined $200 or two months in prison. Chronicle


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