Monday 23 April 2018


PRESIDENT Mnangagwa has pledged leadership by consensus as he works to transform Zimbabwe’s economy. In a statement posted on his Facebook page on Saturday, the President hailed Zimbabweans for their resilience, saying their commitment and talent were bigger than minerals sought by investors in the country.

President Mnangagwa said his Government wants citizens to enjoy their rights, with individuals free to speak their mind.

“Our country needs leadership by consensus. Our leaders must listen to the people and heed their advice and listen to their voices, the voices of a liberated, unified and free people. I am honoured to be your servant as together we lead our nation, liberate ourselves and those around us anew and restore the legacy of our great nation,” he said.

The President said in engaging international investors pursuing interests in the country, he was proud to talk about Zimbabweans.

“When I travel abroad and greet foreign guests in Zimbabwe, many want to talk about our natural resources and potential for investment. I tell them that our greatest natural resource is our hardworking and talented people,” he said.

“I tell them that if they join me in having faith and investing in our people they will reap the greatest of dividends. I tell them Zimbabwe is a rich nation with enormous and untapped potential.

“Not because of the lithium under our ground or the soil beneath our feet, but in our minds and imagination as we develop our ICT industry, in our hands as we craft and manufacture, and in our hearts as we push harder to complete the task facing us.”

President Mnangagwa said despite going through various challenges in the country, Zimbabweans had never lost hope or become exhausted in dealing with their circumstances. He said Operation Restore Legacy proved that Zimbabwe could move forward from difficult times without bloodshed, acrimony or revenge.

The President said every Zimbabwean should feel obliged to build the country by leading by example in everything they do. “It is our task now to lead our nation forward to a new and exciting chapter, but we must do it carefully, constructively and with deep compassion,” he said.

President Mnangagwa said it was encouraging that citizens had a renewed optimism about the country’s future. “Now that we have taken back our future, we look at our children and grandchildren with renewed hope and energy. The sparkle of optimism for our nation has returned to our eyes and theirs,” said the President.

“This will be the legacy we leave to our children and future generations.” Herald


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