Wednesday 28 March 2018


ZANU PF youths in Zvishavane-Ngezi constituency have threatened to vote for the opposition if the ruling party imposes deputy secretary for youth affairs, Lewis Matutu as their parliamentary candidate in the upcoming elections.

Matutu is eyeing the seat, which is currently held by Zanu PF’s John Holder, but ruling party youths yesterday vowed to resist him, claiming he was divisive.

“The guy is just a divisive element and there is risk of bhora musango if the party imposes him in Zvishavane-Ngezi,”an activist who identified herself as Chipo Moyo, said.

Another activist from the constituency, John Moyo said youths were left stranded last Saturday after Matutu diverted five buses that were meant to ferry them to a campaign rally in Gweru to students from the Midlands State University.

Moyo said they were later ferried by lorries organised by Zanu PF Mapanzure A district deputy secretary for education, Dumezweni Mawite.

“He [Matutu] gave five buses to Midlands State University,” Moyo said.

“As much, as we appreciate students who support the party, it boggles the mind for a party youth leader to forget those who come from the same constituency he wants to contest.”

Several other ruling party youths also weighed in, saying if Matutu was to represent Zanu PF in Zishavane-Ngezi, they would see to it that he would not win the seat.

But Matutu, who confirmed his interest in contesting the constituency, said the reports were coming from his rivals who were also eyeing the seat.

He said he was a national youth leader and had nothing to do with organising transport at provincial and district levels.

“If the allegations had to do with a national programme that had failed, I could have been answerable,” he said.

“I have nothing to do with transporting these people, that is [Midlands province youth chairman Edmore] Samambwa’s jurisdiction. Obviously, such petty allegations are coming from people with interests in the constituency.” Newsday


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