Friday 16 March 2018


President Mnangagwa says Zanu-PF has all the credentials to win the next election and would not resort to violence in order to get the mandate to govern.

He told a bumper crowd of party supporters in Matabeleland North Province at Nabushome Primary school in Hwange district today that the coming election, due in July this year, would be a defining moment for Zimbabwe’s democracy. The President urged all Zimbabweans to embrace unity, peace and love to ensure this year’s plebiscite was free, fair and transparent.

“We are going to have elections in July this year. We are determined to have free, fair and transparent elections in Zimbabwe. There is no reason for anyone of us to resort to violence. People should choose and vote for whoever they like.

“”But people will vote for a party with a record of development, a party that liberated them and that party is Zanu-PF. I have no doubt Zanu-PF will win this election and continue to rule until eternity.”

The President has also urged Zimbabweans to register in their large numbers to vote, saying he will soon proclaim an election date after which an aggressive campaign process will be rolled out.

He urged party members to maintain their calm ahead of primary polls and should choose leaders with quality credentials, who are honest and willing to serve the nation.

He reiterated the desire to transform the economy under the “Zimbabwe is open for business” mantra saying the new dispensation has generated a lot of investor confidence.
President Mnangagwa said the era of isolation of Zimbabwe in the international community is over as his administration is pursuing an aggressive re-engagement process.

He also called for the lifting of sanctions imposed on the country due to historic happenings, saying Zimbabwe has already shown a new path. Herald


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