Friday 2 March 2018


Desmond “Stunner” Chideme’s baby mama Dyonne Tanaka Tafirenyika has revealed that she is not married to the rapper, amid fire fighting rumoured after the meet up between Stunner and former lover Olinda Chapel.

Stunner and Olinda publicly split following a cheating scandal which involved Stunner and then girlfriend Dyonne. Stunner and Olinda were spotted together in the United Kingdom over the weekend.

This comes as Olinda and partner Njabulo Nkomo better known as Tytan Skhokho are set to wed in the United Kingdom soon.

After the picture surfaced,  Stunner’s baby mama Dyonne dismissed the rumour saying she did not care and that the two were not married.

The hullabaloo started after a picture of the former lovers surfaced in London at the O2 Arena where the rapper and other local artistes were performing last Saturday. Rumour has it that the two were later spotted at a hotel together, a rumour which later ended in Stunner’s baby mama Dyonne’s inbox.

Both Olinda and Stunner have also dismissed the meet up as nothing special but a meet and greet of people who know each other.

The two broke up early last year in messy online revelation of how the relationship had gotten irreconcilable.

“Ko did you hear your husband went back to the hotel with Olinda” someone said to Dyonne in a conversation.

In response Dyonne said: “Ko did you hear his (sic) not my husband and I don’t give a sh**?”
“Why be concerned about what someone else’s husband is doing when you got your own, mind your own business...” she said in another post.

In another conversation, Dyonne tells off another person who apparently had evidence of Stunner cheating saying she needed to see pictures first and without them the person should just leave her alone.

She also said she did not care what people were saying to her on the issue and went further to get involved in a squabble with one Chantel Mungofa over the matter.

Olinda, however, seemed laid back about the issue saying on her Facebook page; “People should stop using my name as a scapegoat when their house is on fire 01.04.18”.

The man at the centre of it all, Stunner, said people only wanted to destroy his household.
“As long as zvamunokanda zvisirikubva mumoyo wakanaka,  hazvina simba mumusha wangu. (as long as what you post is not coming from a good heart, it won’t affect my home). Matakadya kare haanyaradze mwana uyezve ukaona achemera pane vanhu kutsvaga anonyaradza (vanyaradzei ikweyo) (the past is the past).

“Give attention to those that need it, we are good and the love is moving forward,” Stunner wrote. Daily News


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