Tuesday 27 March 2018


A 48-year-old man from Gweru has been fined $250 for leaking a sex tape of a female police officer who had ditched him.

Guard Muchimwe, a transport officer at a local hospital, appeared before Midlands Provincial Magistrate Mrs Phathekile Msipa facing one count of circulating pornographic material.

He pleaded not guilty to the charge but was convicted after a full trial. Mrs Msipa said Muchimwe’s actions had forced the female police officer to relocate from Gweru after her sex tape started circulating on social media.

“What the accused did was wrong as he decided to leak a sex tape he had taken without the complainant’s knowledge. He is found guilty and is sentenced to pay a fine of $250 and in default three months in prison,” she said.

It was the State’s case that sometime in March 2017, Muchimwe fell in love with the female police officer whose name has been withheld for professional reasons. The two, the court heard, then started cohabiting.

Muchimwe is said to have recorded a video clip of the couple as they were having oral sex without the knowledge of the complainant.
The court heard that the complainant and Muchimwe later had some differences and the cop decided to end their relationship. Muchimwe warned the complainant that he was going to expose her by leaking the video clips to the media and her close relatives, later he leaked the video clip of the pair having oral sex. The complainant the court heard went back to Muchimwe and offered to have sex with him in an effort to make him delete the video clip.

After having sex, Muchimwe went on to leak the sex tape on WhatsApp. Chronicle


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