Wednesday 21 March 2018


EFF leader Julius Malema says black people do not have human rights‚ because they are “subhuman”.

“Your humanity has been taken away by an evil system of capitalism that produces racism. Blacks are not human. Blacks are subhuman. That’s why they can die in Life Esidimeni.”

Malema was in firebrand mode on Wednesday during his speech in Ermelo in Mpumalanga on Human Rights Day.

He said human rights and land ownership were intertwined. “There are no human rights in a shack.”

He called Australia racist for planning to fast-track visas for white South African farmers. Australian Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton singled out white South African farmers’ need to flee “horrific circumstances” for a “civilised country”.

Malema said if white South Africans farmers want to pack for Perth‚ they must go.

“They must leave the keys of the tractors‚ because we want to work the land. They must leave the keys of the houses‚ because we want to stay in those houses.”

Malema believes only racists fled to Australia after former President Nelson Mandela was released from prison and democracy dawned.

“It is the racists again who are going back to Australia. They will be poor in Australia. They are rich here‚ because they are exploiting black people‚” Malema said.

“They will come back here with their tails between their legs. We will hire them‚ because we will be the owners of their farms when they come back to South Africa.”

Malema said he does not hate white people and the enemy are those who stole land and do not want to return it.

“I’ve got no hatred for white people. I’ve got fundamental differences‚ the way they are handling their affairs in South Africa is not right. They have to change‚” Malema said.

“Why will we kill white people? Robert Sobukwe never wanted to kill white people … Steve Biko never wanted to kill white people. Albert Luthuli received a Nobel Peace Prize‚ because he never wanted to kill white people. We are children of those people. We are not children of [D.F] Malan.” Sowetan


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